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AIICS Publications: Student Theses

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[104] Benjamin Danielsson. 2022.
Exploring Patient Classification Based on Medical Records: The case of implant bearing patients.
Student Thesis. 36 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-A--22/014--SE.

[103] Oscar Amcoff. 2022.
I don?t know because I?m not a robot: I don?t know because I?m not a robot:A qualitative study exploring moral questions as a way to investigate the reasoning behind preschoolers? mental state attribution to robots.
Student Thesis. 37 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-G--22/026--SE.

[102] Ulrika Åkerström. 2022.
Lekmannabedömning av ett självkörande fordons körförmåga: betydelsen av att erfara fordonet i trafiken.
Student Thesis. 31 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-G--22/025--SE.

[101] Erik Lundin. 2022.
Generating Directed & Weighted Synthetic Graphs using Low-Rank Approximations.
Student Thesis. 65 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2022/042--SE.

[100] Evelina Holmgren and Simon Wijk Stranius. 2022.
A Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery System for Automated Stores with Batched Tasks.
Student Thesis. 101 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--22/038--SE.

[99] Aksel Holmgren. 2022.
Out of sight, out of mind?: Assessing human attribution of object permanence capabilities to self-driving cars.
Student Thesis. 34 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-G--22/016--SE.

[98] David Ångström. 2022.
Genetic Algorithms for optimizing behavior trees in air combat.
Student Thesis. 40 pages.
[97] William Bergekrans. 2022.
Automatic Man Overboard Detection with an RGB Camera: Using convolutional neural networks.
Student Thesis. 50 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--22/036--SE.

[96] Christoffer Sjöbergsson. 2022.
Comparison of Distance Metrics for Trace Clustering in Process Mining: An Effort to Simplify Analysis of Usage Patterns in PACS.
Student Thesis. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2022/003--SE.

[95] Oskar Skoglund. 2022.
Finding co-workers with similar competencies through data clustering.
Student Thesis. 40 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/081--SE.

[94] Alfred Hagberg and Mustaf Abdullahi Musse. 2022.
Instance Segmentation on depth images using Swin Transformer for improved accuracy on indoor images.
Student Thesis. In series: arXiv.org #??. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2022/004--SE.

[93] Anton Hansson and Hugo Cedervall. 2022.
Insurance Fraud Detection using Unsupervised Sequential Anomaly Detection.
Student Thesis. 63 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/084--SE.

Note: Gjordes digitalt via Zoom. 
[92] David Grönberg. 2021.
Extracting Salient Named Entities from Financial News Articles.
Student Thesis. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/040--SE.

[91] Axel Wickman. 2021.
Exploring feasibility of reinforcement learning flight route planning.
Student Thesis. 36 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-G–21/031—SE.

Alternativ nerladdning: https://public.axelwickman.com/published...
[90] Adam Lager. 2021.
Improving Solr search with Natural Language Processing: An NLP implementation for information retrieval in Solr.
Student Thesis. 24 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G–21/030—SE.

[89] Oskar Hidén and David Björelind. 2021.
Clustering and Summarization of Chat Dialogues: To understand a company?s customer base.
Student Thesis. 61 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/037--SE.

[88] Agaton Sjöberg. 2021.
Extracting Transaction Information from Financial Press Releases.
Student Thesis. 38 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/039--SE.

DOI: 21/039.
[87] Felix Nodelijk and Arun Uppugunduri. 2021.
Estimating lighting from unconstrained RGB images using Deep Learning in real-time for superimposed objects in an augmented reality application.
Student Thesis. 62 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/042—SE.

[86] Daniel Roos. 2021.
Evaluation of BERT-like models for small scale ad-hoc information retrieval.
Student Thesis. 34 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/051—SE.

[85] Philip Palapelas Kantola. 2021.
Extreme Quantile Estimation of Downlink Radio Channel Quality.
Student Thesis. 46 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/048--SE.

[84] Axel Holmberg and Wilhelm Hansson. 2021.
Kombinatorisk Optimering med Pointer Networks och Reinforcement Learning.
Student Thesis. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/035—SE.

[83] David Nyberg. 2021.
Exploring the Capabilities of Generative Adversarial Networks in Remote Sensing Applications.
Student Thesis. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2021/043--SE.

attachment: http://liu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/div...
[82] Lukas Borggren. 2021.
Automatic Categorization of News Articles With Contextualized Language Models.
Student Thesis. 63 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/038--SE.

[81] Andreas Magnvall and Alexander Henne. 2021.
Real-time Aerial Photograph Alignment using Feature Matching.
Student Thesis. 21 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--21/035--SE.

[80] Agnes Hallberg. 2021.
Using Low-Code Platforms to Collect Patient-Generated Health Data: A Software Developer?s Perspective.
Student Thesis. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--21/034--SE.

[79] Anna Lindqvist. 2021.
Threats to smart buildings: Securing devices in a SCADA network.
Student Thesis. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--21/038--SE.

[78] Patrick Lundberg. 2021.
Verktyg för hyperparameteroptimering.
Student Thesis. 8 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--21/042--SE.

[77] Johan Lind. 2021.
Evaluating CNN-based models for unsupervised image denoising.
Student Thesis. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/011--SE.

[76] Oskar Holmström. 2021.
Exploring Transformer-Based Contextual Knowledge Graph Embeddings: How the Design of the Attention Mask and the Input Structure Affect Learning in Transformer Models.
Student Thesis. 41 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/002--SE.

[75] Rasmus Larsson. 2021.
Creating Digital Twin Distributed Networks Using Switches With Programmable Data Plane.
Student Thesis. 70 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2021/009--SE.

[74] Carl Brage. 2021.
Synchronizing 3D data between software: Driving 3D collaboration forward using direct links.
Student Thesis. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--21/010—SE.

[73] Berggren Mathias and Sonesson Daniel. 2021.
Design Optimization in Gas Turbines using Machine Learning: A study performed for Siemens Energy AB.
Student Thesis. 56 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A-21/007--SE.

[72] André Willquist. 2020.
Uncertainty Discretization for Motion Planning Under Uncertainty.
Student Thesis. 55 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/060--SE.

[71] André Willquist. 2020.
Uncertainty Discretization for Motion Planning Under Uncertainty.
Student Thesis. 55 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/060--SE.

[70] Zacharias Nordström. 2020.
Extracting Behaviour Trees from Deep Q-Networks: Using learning from demostration to transfer knowledge between models.
Student Thesis. 54 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/059—SE.

[69] Karol Wojtulewicz and Viktor Agbrink. 2020.
Evaluating DCNN architecturesfor multinomial area classicationusing satellite data.
Student Thesis. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/031--SE.

[68] Marc Pàmies Massip. 2020.
Multilingual identification of offensive content in social media.
Student Thesis. 50 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/053--SE.

[67] Samuel Blomqvist and Björn Detterfelt. 2020.
Real Time Integrated Tools for Video Game Development: a usability study.
Student Thesis. 78 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/050--SE.

[66] Pia Løtvedt. 2020.
Implementation of visualizations using a server-client architecture: Effects on performance measurements.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--20/052--SE.

[65] Sebastian Lundqvist and Oliver Ekstrand. 2020.
Evaluating an ARCore application to get an image of the state of AR technology today.
Student Thesis. 8 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--20/051--SE.

[64] Per Olin. 2020.
Evaluation of text classification techniques for log file classification.
Student Thesis. 48 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/048--SE.

[63] Oscar Lundblad. 2020.
The autonomous crewmate: A sociotechnical perspective to implementation of autonomous vehicles in sea rescue.
Student Thesis. 72 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-A--20/009--SE.

[62] Viktor Brandt and Jesper Olofsson. 2020.
Undersökning av flexibel implementation för hantering av multipla rösttjänster.
Student Thesis. 12 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--20/021--SE.

[61] Arvid Edenheim. 2020.
Using Primary Dynamic Factor Analysis on repeated cross-sectional surveys with binary responses.
Student Thesis. 54 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--20/007--SE.

[60] Anton Silfver. 2019.
Short-Term Forecasting of Taxi Demand using a two Channelled Convolutional LSTM network.
Student Thesis. 39 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-A--19/097—SE.

[59] Christoffer Fors Johansson. 2019.
Arrival Time Predictions for Buses using Recurrent Neural Networks.
Student Thesis. 65 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/098--SE.

[58] Magnus Selin. 2019.
Efficient Autonomous Exploration Planning of Large-Scale 3D-Environments: A tool for autonomous 3D exploration indoor.
Student Thesis. 50 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/017--SE.

[57] Viktor Holmgren. 2019.
General-purpose maintenance planning using deep reinforcement learning and Monte Carlo tree search.
Student Thesis. 42 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/096--SE.

[56] Fredrik Bengtsson and Adam Combler. 2019.
Automatic Dispatching of Issues using Machine Learning.
Student Thesis. 90 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/043--SE.

[55] Sebastian Sibelius Parmbäck. 2019.
HMMs and LSTMs for On-line Gesture Recognition on the Stylaero Board: Evaluating and Comparing Two Methods.
Student Thesis. 36 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2019/091--SE.

[54] Richard Wigren and Filip Cornell. 2019.
Marketing Mix Modelling: A comparative study of statistical models.
Student Thesis. 113 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/054--SE.

[53] David Hilm and David Rahim. 2019.
Two-factor Authentication and Digital Signing for an Enterprise System utilizing Yubikey.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--19/040--SE.

[52] Martin Lundberg. 2019.
Automatic parameter tuning in localization algorithms.
Student Thesis. 57 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/052--SE.

[51] Elina Lundberg and Erica Gavefalk. 2019.
Investigating the impact on subjective satisfaction and learnability when adopting cloud in an SME.
Student Thesis. 74 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/030--SE.

[50] Full text  David Bergström. 2019.
Bayesian optimization for selecting training and validation data for supervised machine learning: using Gaussian processes both to learn the relationship between sets of training data and model performance, and to estimate model performance over the entire problem domain.
Student Thesis. 39 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/016--SE.

[49] Pernilla Eilert. 2019.
Learning behaviour trees for simulated fighter pilots in airborne reconnaissance missions: A grammatical evolution approach.
Student Thesis. 94 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--19/015--SE.

[48] Anton Hölscher. 2018.
A Cycle-Trade Heuristic for the Weighted k-Chinese Postman Problem.
Student Thesis. 23 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--18/073--SE.

[47] Linus Kortesalmi. 2018.
Gaussian Process Regression-based GPS Variance Estimation and Trajectory Forecasting.
Student Thesis. 59 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--18/040--SE.

[46] Erik Hansson. 2018.
Temporal Task and Motion Plans: Planning and Plan Repair: Repairing Temporal Task and Motion Plans Using Replanning with Temporal Macro Operators.
Student Thesis. 128 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--18/047--SE.

[45] Rasmus Johns Johns. 2018.
Intelligent Formation Control using Deep Reinforcement Learning.
Student Thesis. 53 pages. ISRN: LLIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2017/001--SE.

[44] Fredrik Håkansson and Carl-Johan Larsson. 2018.
User-Based Predictive Caching of Streaming Media.
Student Thesis. 58 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--18/033—SE.

Note: This thesis is written as a joint thesis between two students from different universities. This means the exact same thesis is published at two universities (LiU and KTH) but with different style templates. The other report has identification number: TRITA-EECS-EX-2018:403
[43] Adrian Sonnert. 2018.
Predicting inter-frequency measurements in an LTE network using supervised machine learning: a comparative study of learning algorithms and data processing techniques.
Student Thesis. 52 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--18/017--SE.

[42] Göran Svensson and Jonas Westlund. 2018.
Intravenous bag monitoring with Convolutional Neural Networks.
Student Thesis. 12 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--2018/048--SE.

[41] Joel Odd and Emil Theologou. 2018.
Utilize OCR text to extract receipt data and classify receipts with common Machine Learning algorithms.
Student Thesis. 13 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--18/043—SE.

[40] Simon Keisala. 2017.
Designing an Artificial Neural Network for state evaluation in Arimaa: Using a Convolutional Neural Network.
Student Thesis. 31 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/024--SE.

[39] Niclas Jonsson. 2017.
Implementation and testing of an FPT-algorithm for computing the h+ heuristic.
Student Thesis. 39 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G–17/077–SE.

[38] Henrik Phung. 2017.
Software developers? performance awareness.
Student Thesis. 49 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/016--SE.

[37] Full text  Daniel Artchounin. 2017.
Tuning of machine learning algorithms for automatic bug assignment.
Student Thesis. 135 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/022--SE.

[36] Fredrik Präntare. 2017.
Simultaneous coalition formation and task assignment in a real-time strategy game.
Student Thesis. 65 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/032--SE.

[35] Full text  Tova Linder and Ola Jigin. 2017.
Organ Detection and Localization in Radiological Image Volumes.
Student Thesis. 88 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/024--SE.

[34] Full text  Elena Moral López. 2017.
Muting pattern strategy for positioning in cellular networks.
Student Thesis. 65 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/018--SE.

[33] Petra Öhlin. 2017.
Prioritizing Tests with Spotify?s Test & Build Data using History-based, Modification-based & Machine Learning Approaches.
Student Thesis. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2017/021--SE.

[32] Full text  Joakim Gylling. 2017.
Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Neural Networks.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/011--SE.

[31] Full text  Maximilian Bragazzi Ihrén and Henrik Ingbrant Björs. 2017.
Visualizing atmospheric data on a mobile platform.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/010--SE.

[30] Full text  Fredrik Jonsén and Alexander Stolpe. 2017.
The feasibility and practicality of a generic social media library.
Student Thesis. 8 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/009--SE.

[29] Full text  Marcus Johansson. 2016.
Online Whole-Body Control using Hierarchical Quadratic Programming: Implementation and Evaluation of the HiQP Control Framework.
Student Thesis. 76 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--16/056--SE.

[28] Full text  Tomas Melin. 2016.
Implementation and Evaluation of a Continuous Code Inspection Platform.
Student Thesis. 100 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--16/047—SE.

[27] Full text  Martin Estgren. 2016.
Lightweight User Agents.
Student Thesis. 36 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--16/036--SE.

[26] Full text  Rasmus Holm. 2016.
Cluster Analysis of Discussions on Internet Forums.
Student Thesis. 62 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--16/037—SE.

[25] Full text  Erik Hansson. 2016.
Search guidance with composite actions: Increasing the understandability of the domain model.
Student Thesis. 98 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX--16/043--SE.

[24] Full text  Anna Boyer de la Giroday. 2016.
Automatic fine tuning of cavity filters.
Student Thesis. 49 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--16/036--SE.

[23] Full text  Stefan Bränd. 2015.
Using Rigid Landmarks to Infer Inter-Temporal Spatial Relations in Spatio-Temporal Reasoning.
Student Thesis. 32 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--15/074--SE.

[22] Full text  Valberg Joakim. 2015.
Document Separation in Digital Mailrooms.
Student Thesis. 47 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A-15/056-SE.

[21] Full text  Erik Sommarström. 2015.
I am the Greatest Driver in the World!: -Does self-awareness of driving ability affect traffic safety behaviour?.
Student Thesis. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-A--15/008—SE.

[20] Tina Danielsson. 2015.
Portering från Google Apps REST API till Microsoft Office 365 REST API.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LiTH-IDA/ERASMUS-G--15/003--SE.

[19] Full text  Jonas Hietala. 2015.
A Comparison of Katz-eig and Link-analysis for Implicit Feedback Recommender Systems.
Student Thesis. 85 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--15/026--SE.

Link: http://www.jonashietala.se/masters_thesi...
[18] Full text  Patrik Bergström. 2015.
Automated Setup of Display Protocols.
Student Thesis. 44 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--15/014--SE.

Link: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:...
[17] Full text  Karl Nygren. 2015.
Trust Logics and Their Horn Fragments: Formalizing Socio-Cognitive Aspects of Trust.
Student Thesis. 93 pages. ISRN: LiTH-MAT-EX--2015/01--SE.

[16] Full text  Mattias Tiger. 2014.
Unsupervised Spatio-Temporal Activity Learning and Recognition in a Stream Processing Framework.
Student Thesis. 103 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--14/059--SE.

[15] Full text  Per Jonsson. 2014.
Design och implementation av webbenkäter: kvalitet, svarsfrekvens och underhåll.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--14/049--SE.

[14] Full text  Anders Wikström. 2014.
Resource allocation of drones flown in a simulated environment.
Student Thesis. 24 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--14/003—SE.

[13] Jakob Pogulis. 2013.
Testramverk för distribuerade system.
Student Thesis. 46 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--13/010--SE.

[12] Full text  Christopher Bergdahl. 2013.
Modeling Air Combat with Influence Diagrams.
Student Thesis. 64 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--13/031--SE.

[11] Full text  Johan Fredborg. 2013.
Spam filter for SMS-traffic.
Student Thesis. 82 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--13/021-SE.

[10] Full text  Jonatan Olofsson. 2012.
Towards Autonomous Landing of a Quadrotorusing Monocular SLAM Techniques.
Student Thesis. 102 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/026--SE.

[9] Full text  Anders Hongslo. 2012.
Stream Processing in the Robot Operating System framework.
Student Thesis. 79 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/030--SE.

[8] Full text  Viet Ha Nguyen. 2012.
Design Space Exploration of the Quality of Service for Stream Reasoning Applications.
Student Thesis. 35 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/027--SE.

[7] Full text  Daniel Lazarovski. 2012.
Extending the Stream Reasoning in DyKnow with Spatial Reasoning in RCC-8.
Student Thesis. 74 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/008--SE.

[6] Full text  Zlatan Dragisic. 2011.
Semantic Matching for Stream Reasoning.
Student Thesis. 110 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--11/041--SE.

[5] Full text  Marjan Alirezaie. 2011.
Semantic Analysis Of Multi Meaning Words Using Machine Learning And Knowledge Representation.
Student Thesis. 74 pages. ISRN: LiU/IDA-EX-A- -11/011- -SE.

[4] Full text  Fredrik Åslin. 2010.
Evaluation of Hierarchical Temporal Memory in algorithmic trading.
Student Thesis. 32 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--10/005--SE.

[3] Mikael Nilsson. 2009.
Spanneröar och spannervägar.
Student Thesis. 126 pages. ISRN: -.

[2] Full text  Tommy Persson. 2009.
Evaluating the use of DyKnow in multi-UAV traffic monitoring applications.
Student Thesis. 75 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--09/019--SE.

[1] Jonas Kvarnström. 1996.
A New Tractable Planner for the SAS+ Formalism.
Student Thesis. In series: LiTH-IDA-Ex #9625. 283 pages. ISRN: LiTH-IDA-Ex-9625.

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