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In case of emergency (all hours)

In case of burglary, attempted burglary, suspicion that unauthorized persons are moving around in the premises, please call the watchman (Väktaren), Campus Valla.
Employees: This also applies in case of loss of "passerkort". Then you shall also contact your secretary who will also report to the police.
 013 - 28 40 87 Weekdays 07.00-17.00
 013 - 28 58 88 Other times
 Email: larm@lokal.liu.se

Private matter: In case of loss of ID document, report to the police and also call Upplysningscentralen, phone 0900-1012030 (pay phone), to block the document.  

In case of acute malfunctions concerning the premises.  013 - 36 45 00

In case of fire or other emergency, please call SOS Alarm (Emergency Service Center).  112
Defibrillator (013-28) 10 20

Evacuation at fire alarm  

Rutin-/checklista för första hjälpen och krishantering vid IDA (internal link in Swedish)

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