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Traumatic Bleeding Control

Erik Prytz has, in collaboration with the center for disaster medicine and traumatology, participated in several research project related to traumatic bleeding control. The projects have among other things covered the development and evaluation of educational interventions to teach hemorrhage control, the effects of stress on human performance of hemorrhage control, visual estimates of blood volume as an indication of trauma severity, and the development of novel first aid equipment for bleeding control.

Best Thesis

Måns Magnusson's thesis "Scalable and Efficient Probabilistic Topic Model Inference for Textual Data" has been awarded the annual Cramér prize for Best Thesis in Statistics and Mathematical Statistics. The prize is given annually by the Cramér Society, the academic section of the Swedish Statistical Association.

Tryggve Holm Medal 2018

Filip Strömbäck, IDA, has been awarded the Tryggve Holm Medal for the year 2018. The medal with the associated diploma is awarded to graduates with particularly good study results, at various degree programs at LiTH, and is part of donated funds that are intended to promote technical research and education.

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