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Computer and Information Science

Best paper award at UCC

The best paper prize at the international conference on Utility and Cloud computing (UCC) was awarded to a paper on performance aspects of mixed reality within edge networks. The article was presented by Klervie Toczé and it was the result of a collaboration with Johan Lindqvist, a former IT student.

Robust stream reasoning under uncertainty

Much of today's information is produced and consumed as information streams. The amount of information can make it difficult to make sense of it all. In his dissertation, Daniel de Leng focused on two parts of the stream reasoning problem; how to handle uncertainty when reasoning over streams, and how to robustly generate those streams.

SWSA 10-years award

Olaf Hartig has received the 10-Years Award of the Semantic Web Science Association. This annual award recognizes a research paper that has become the most influential work of all papers published ten years ago in the respective edition of the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC).

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