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Welcome to the Department of
Computer and Information Science

Chair for the IEEE Sweden Section

Professor Andrei Gurtov has been elected a Chair of the IEEE Sweden Section. It includes nearly 2000 members in 14 different Chapters and Affinity Groups. IEEE is the world’s largest professional association advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity serving more than 400,000 members in over 160 countries.

Vulnerability and Risk Analysis Methods and Application in Large Scale Development of Secure Systems

Software products are building blocks of today’s connected society, and design and implementation of resilient software products is one of the challenging areas for software vendors. It is specially challenging to comply to cyber security standards and legislations where it is expected that cyber security risks are well understood and addressed.

LiU Innovation prize for the entrepreneurial teacher of the year

Aseel Berglund has been awarded as "Linköping's entrepreneurial teachers 2020" by LiU Innovation with the motivation: This year's laureate is a frontier rider who moves between academia and industry. Aseel Berglund contributes to an entrepreneurial culture at Linköping University, both as inspiration for teaching colleagues and for students where she integrates utilization, entrepreneurship and innovation both as a researcher and teacher, where she has - together with colleagues - created new courses that really engage students.

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