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Computer and Information Science

On combinatorial optimization

Some optimization problems are practically unsolvable; the algorithms we have at disposal have enormous running times. Other problems, however, can be solved efficiently. Why is it like this? What properties is it that make problems easy to solve, or conversely, difficult to solve? Questions of this type are studied by Hannes Uppman in a recent PhD thesis at IDA about the complexity of combinatorial optimization problems.

D40IT20 jubileum conference

This year is the 40th anniversary of Computer science and engineering program (D) as the first such educational program in Sweden, and this was celebrated together with the IT programs 20th anniversary. The organised jubileum conference was enjoyed by many alumni och students with cake, mingle, and entertainment.

Best student Thesis award

The annual prize for Master and Bachelor level theses was awarded in the context of the Jubileum celebration of D40-IT20 with LiU alumni and students from D, IT, and U five year programs. The wining candidates, among five nominated were Viktor Löfgren and Klervie Toszé.

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