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News 2022

Funding for course development

Within the Vice Chancellor's new investment project to support initiatives related to course development, Marco Kuhlmann, Annika Tillander and Isak Hietala have received funding.
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SSF funding for IDA

SSF, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research’s investment in software development, provides SEK 30 million in funding for the research project “Adaptive software for the heterogeneous edge-cloud continuum” applied for by Christoph Kessler with co-applicants Mikael Asplund, Niklas Carlsson, Zebo Peng and Soheil Samii.
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Most influential paper awarded at ICST’22

The most influential paper in the past industry tracks of IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) was won by a 2012 contribution by Leif Jonsson, David Broman, Kristian Sandahl, and Sigrid Eldh with the title “Towards Automated Anomaly Report Assignment in Large Complex Systems using Stacked Generalization".
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EU grant for project with focus on circular economy

IDA's Eva Blomqvist (Division of Human-Centered Systems) will lead Onto-DESIDE, a EU-funded Horizon Europe project on circular economy. The project includes reuse, remanufacturing and recycling of products and materials in industry with a focus on ontology-based decentralized sharing of industry data. The project will run for 3 years and received circa 3.3 MEURO in funding. From IDA's Division of Database and Information Techniques, Olaf Hartig, Niklas Carlsson and Patrick Lambrix participate.
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WASP Alumni of the year 2021

Olov Andersson, former WASP PhD student from Linköping University, today a WASP funded postdoc at ETH Zürich, has been awarded WASP Alumn of the year 2021. This was announced at the yearly WASP Winter Conference in January 2022.

Through the Alumni of the Year award, WASP acknowledges individuals who have excelled within WASP by generating outstanding scientific impact as well as contributions to the program by engagement in the WASP community.

- Olov is a role model for current WASP PhD students and demonstrates the ability to create unique career possibilities and memorable experiences beyond the PhD, says Anders Ynnerman, Director of WASP.
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