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News 2015

RICS research centre kicks off

A five year research project to start up a centre on Resilient Information and Control Systems (RICS) has been granted SEK 20 million financing from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The centre will be led by Simin Nadjm-Tehrani and collaborates with researchers from KTH and Chalmers.

Relying on service continuity for societal functions starts by understanding the complex socio-technical systems that must operate to e.g. deliver electricity, water, heat and other critical services to society. RICS will help to understand the risks and vulnerabilities in the information and communication (ICT) infrastructure on which these services rely. It will then help to improve their security by providing methods for prevention of attacks and failures, as well as monitoring and detecting ongoing adverse events.

RICS will increase the competence in the area of ICT security for critical infrastructure by world class research, and an increased emphasis on these topics within undergraduate and graduate education. The research topics are based on three pillars:
* Data analysis and emulation
* Risk and vulnerability analysis using attack modelling
* Real-time detection of adverse events and anomalies
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Timing Analysis of Distributed Embedded Systems

Today's distributed embedded systems are exposed to large variations in workload due to complex software applications and sophisticated hardware platforms. Examples of such systems are automotive and avionics applications.

The tasks running on computational units have variable execution times. Thus, the workload that the computational units must accommodate is likely to be stochastic. Some of the tasks trigger messages that will be transmitted over communication buses. There is a direct connection between the variable execution times of the tasks and the moments of triggering of these messages. Thus, the workload imposed on the communication buses will also be stochastic. The likelihood for transient faults to occur is another dimension for stochastic workload as today's embedded systems are designed to work in extreme environmental conditions.

Given the above, the need for tools that can analyze systems that experience stochastic workload is continuously increasing. In a recent PhD theses at IDA, Bogdan Tanasa addresses this need. The solutions proposed in the thesis have been validated by extensive experiments that demonstrate the efficiency of the presented techniques.
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Best Student Paper Award at RTAS 2015

Amir Aminifar has got the Best Student Paper Award at the 21st IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS), that has been held in Seattle, USA. RTAS is a major event, highly selective, and among the most prestigious in the area.

Amir's paper addresses one of the most interesting issues in the context of modern cyber-physical systems, namely how to bridge the gap between the control theoretical and the computer engineering view of designing efficient control systems. Proposing a solution that globally captures the control theoretical and real-time scheduling aspect, this work is a step towards resource efficient implementations of high quality and safe control applications.
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On combinatorial optimization

Some optimization problems are practically unsolvable; the algorithms we have at disposal have enormous running times. Other problems, however, can be solved efficiently.
Why is it like this? What properties is it that make problems easy to solve, or conversely, difficult to solve? Questions of this type are studied by Hannes Uppman in a recent PhD thesis at IDA about the complexity of combinatorial optimization problems.
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D40IT20 jubileum conference

Among the speakers at the D40IT20 jubileum conference there were several alumni including John Wilander at Apple who travelled from Cupertino, Helena Mischel from Microsoft, Ulrik Lindblad from SP devices and Petter Weiderholm from Spotify. There were also presentations by Prof. Tracy Hammond from Texas A&M University with interests in AI, haptics and situational awareness, and concept learning, as well as Erik Kruse, marketing strategist from Ericsson who gave an impression of tomorrow's connected world.
The program was completed with entertainment, cake, and mingle among students, alumni, and faculty members.
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Best student Thesis award

The annual prize for Master and Bachelor level theses was awarded in the context of the Jubileum celebration of D40-IT20 with LiU alumni and students from D, IT, and U five year programs. The wining candidates, among five nominated were Viktor Löfgren and Klervie Toszé.

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