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News 2023

Network-based Anomaly Detection for SCADA systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems monitor critical infrastructures such as power grid. As SCADA systems start adapting to the Internet, cyber attacks against them become an attractive goal for attackers. In her PhD thesis Chih-Yuan Lin presents new approaches for intrusion detection that exploits the inherent timing characteristics present in a running system and alert when anomalies arise.
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Successful student collaboration for future material supply in health care.

The students in the project course for I and SVP (TDDC88) have developed solutions for future inventory management of consumables in healthcare in a Vinnova project with Region Östergötland, Rise, Mjärdevi Science Park and Linköping and Kinda municipalities. An external evaluation shows, among other things, high satisfaction among end users.
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