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News 2008

Award from the Centre for Gender Studies

Peter Dalenius, main director of undergraduate studies at IDA, was one of two recipients of the 2008 award from the Centre for Gender Studies. "He has for many years shown an interest and commitment to integrating gender in undergraduate studies. He has reviewed courses for gender issues, lectured on how gender reviews can be done and how gender can be integrated in for example the subject of computer science", the centre points out in its motivation.
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Winner of LiU Leadership award 2008

Prof. Mariam Kamkar, the head of the Computer Science Department has been awarded the annual Leadership Prize at Linköping university. She was nominated for her contributions to the development of the department and the university as a whole.
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Fodina AB rookie of the year in Linköping

Fodina is a company started by Magnus Merkel, Lars Ahrenberg and Lars Petterstedt from the Natural Language Processing Laboratory (NLPLAB).

"Fodina offers solutions for making terminology and translation processes more efficient by utilizing the customer's documentation."

First place in international ontology alignment campaign

The SAMBO ontology alignment system and its successor SAMBOdtf, developed by researchers at IDA under the direction of professor Patrick Lambrix, have performed well at the 2008 Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI). Since 2004, OAEI organizes campaigns aiming at evaluating ontology alignment technologies and comparing ontology alignment systems. SAMBO and SAMBOdtf, ontology alignment systems focusing on biomedical ontologies, performed best and second best in the 'anatomy' track.

Professor Malik Ghallab as honorary doctor

Malik Ghallab is a highly merited researcher within the area of knowledge-based autonomous systems. He has had research cooperation with several researchers at Linköping university, with a significant roll in the WITAS-project on autonomous aerial vehicles. He is acting in an advisory role in the research centre MOVII – Models, Visualisation and Information integration, which is one of the strong research environments supported by the Strategic Research Foundation in Sweden.

Best paper award at ARES

David Byers and Nahid Shahmehri received the best paper award at the 3rd International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (March 4-7, 2008, Barcelona, Spain), for the paper "A cause-based approach to preventing software vulnerabilities".

Graduate school in Cognitive Science

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) has awarded a five year grant for a graduate school in Cognitive Science to be sited in Linköping. The graduate school will be organised in collaboration with the universities of Lund, Göteborg, Skövde, Stockholm and Umeå.

Final year thesis award

Johan Sigholm has been awarded the 2007 prize for the best undergraduate thesis, with the title: "Automated Network Node Discovery and Topology Analysis" for the work performed at the company Netadmin. The award is annually presented by IDA and the East division of Computer Society Sweden.
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Article in BIOforum Europe's Highlights 2007 issue

BIOforum Europe, a magazine that reports about trends and technologies
for R&D in the European biotech and pharma sector has selected the
article 'Where is my protein? - Issues in Information Integration' for
republication in its '2007 Highlights' issue. The article was
originally published by Patrick Lambrix and Lena Strömbäck on research
within the bioinformatics area.

Ulf Nilsson awarded Forum Prize

This year the "Forum Prize" is awarded the Vice Dean of Technical Faculty and Professor at IDA, Ulf Nilsson. The Prize goes to a LiU employee who has integrated the gender perspective in undergraduate and graduate teaching. The motivation was a "serious interest in gender and equality aspects".
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