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News 2005

Best Paper Award at ISE conference

Stefan Cronholm from the VITS group has received the Best Paper Award at the Information Systems Education Conference (ISECON 2005), Columbus, Ohio, USA. The paper's title is "Nine Principles for Designing a Study Program".
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1st Prize in International Micro Air Vehicle Competition

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies Group (UAVTech/AIICS) competed in an international micro air vehicle competition MAV 2005 (1st US-European Micro-Aerial Vehicle Technology Demonstration and Assessment) from the 19-22 september, 2005 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. The group won the micro-vehicle award for best rotorcraft. The LinkMAV platform developed by the group was the only rotorcraft to successfully complete the competition mission scenario where it flew several hundred meters to a virtual building structure and then identified a terrorist target (person with a red briefcase) using a small camera attached to the micro-uav before the terrorist got near the building. The LinkMAV team members are Simone Duranti (leader), Gianpaolo Conte, David Lundström, Piotr Rudol, Mariusz Wzorek, Torsten Merz, Patrick Doherty.
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Published in Yearbook of Medical Informatics

The paper `Evaluation of ontology development tools for bioinformatics' by Patrick Lambrix, Manal Habbouche and Marta Pérez, previously published in the Bioinformatics journal, received a best paper selection from the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and is republished in the 2005 edition of the IMIA Yearbook.

SHARK Shorthand Project in the media

Per-Ola Kristensson's PhD project entitled "SHARK Shorhand" has been highlighted in many prestigous publications such as BBC News, New Scientist, San Jose Mercury News, Die Zeit, Handelsblatt, ComputerWorld Norway, etc.
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Best paper award at IEEE WETICE

Cécile Aberg, Patrick Lambrix, and Nahid Shahmehri got the best paper award at the IEEE WETICE workshop on Agent-based Computing for Enterprise Collaboration, for the paper "An Agent-based Framework for Integrating Workflows and Web Services".

Honorary doctorate

Professor Erik Sandewall has been awarded an honorary doctorate at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse. The ceremony took place in June 2005.

Vinnova planning grants

Vinnova has granted 50 planning grants for VINN Excellence Center 2004. Among these, three are from IDA: Nahid Shahmehri (Information security), Vivvian Vimarlund (Public information services), and Peter Fritzson (Model-based product development).

Best Paper Award at DATE conference

The paper "Design Optimization of Time- and Cost-Constrained Fault-Tolerant Distributed Embedded Systems" by V. Izosimov, P. Pop, P. Eles and Z. Peng has received the Best Paper Award at the Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) Conference. DATE is a premier conference in electronic system design with 825 submitted papers and 25% acceptance rate.

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