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News 2012

Legendary professor thanked at IDA

Anders Haraldsson, one of the early pioneers of computer science in Sweden, and an inspiration engine on teaching and learning for generations of computer scientists, was thanked in a touching show of support by students and colleagues at IDA on the occasion of his retirement.

New Multicore Lab at IDA

Thanks to a cooperation with Ericsson, Christoph Kessler has got access to new, specially-equipped computers installed for education purposes, and thereby able to build up a new laboratory for multicore programming that will be used in courses at master and PhD level and for thesis projects in the multicore area.
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Erik Sandewall receives ECCAI Distinguished Service Award

Professor Erik Sandewall receives the inaugural ECCAI Distinguished Service Award for his extraordinary contributions and outstanding service to the Artificial Intelligence community. The award was handed at the European AI Conference ECAI in Montpellier, France.

"Erik Sandewall can truly be considered as a pioneer and ambassador of Artificial Intelligence in both Europe and internationally with both a research and distinguished service record well known to several generations of researchers in AI. In Erik, we see a unique example of a cutting edge scientist and out-of-the-box thinker that has not only contributed to the area of Artificial Intelligence through many seminal research contributions, but also spent tremendous amounts of time promoting AI in Europe and elsewhere and contributing his ideas and competences generously to many other research groups in Europe in an effort to promote the science and success of AI. This has been done in a professional and selfless manner and in our opinion, we believe he is an ideal candidate for receiving the ECCAI Distinguished Service award."
From the nomination by ECCAI Fellow Patrick Doherty and SAIS.
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Computer Science in Shanghai ranking

The latest release of the Shanghai ranking of the world's top 500 universities that includes roughly speaking 3% of the world educational establishments ranks Linköping University among the tier 101-150 of the best schools for computer science. This is shared with many prestigious computer science establishments in Europe.
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Project for creating national linked open data portal in Sweden

Within a project financed by VINNOVA, researchers from Linköping University, Malmö University, and developers from Metasolutions AB will create a national portal for linked open data in Sweden. The project will also assist SCB (Statistics Sweden) in starting to publish linked data. Project leader is Eva Blomqvist, Assistant Professor at IDA. The project will in collaboration with SCB publish a central datasource that could act as a "hub" for linked data in Sweden, as well as publish a portal for Swedish linked data with easy-to-access information on linked data in Swedish. Linked data created added value in data since it becomes interoperable with other datasets, and is ready for uses that are not foreseen at design-time. Additionally, the formats used enables automatic data access via the Web.
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Text harmonization strategies for phrase-base statistical machine translation

Our world has a lot of communication needs across language barriers. International companies and organizations have a great need for translation, and it is common that people would like to read webpages in languages they do not understand. As a support for these tasks, machine translation, that is, automatic translation between natural languages such as English and Swedish, has a major role to play. In a recent PhD thesis at IDA, Sara Stymne presents several methods for improving machine translation.
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Master Thesis Prize awards

Two Master theses examined at IDA have been awarded the best Master thesis prize by the Swedish Computer Society (East) for projects completed in 2011. Ulf Magnusson created a web operating system Awesom-O systematically and minimally atop Linux kernel as part of a project at Opera Software. Mathias Norvall, currently a PhD candidate at the department, studied whether computer games can use only haptic signals available on cheap gamepads, and created the computer game Sightlence. Three other Master students, Magnus Gustafsson, Lovisa Johansson, and Magnus Kronander also received an honourary mention.
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"Best Student Paper Award" ICORES 2012

The paper "Stochastic Shortest Path Problem with Uncertain Delays" won the "Best Student Paper Award" of the 2012 ICORES conference that is given to a paper in which the first author is a registered MSc or PhD student. This was joint work between Stefanie Kosuch and colleagues from Université Paris Sud (Orsay, France).
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Outstanding PhD Dissertations Award to Viacheslav Izosimov

Viacheslav (Slava) Izosimov, who obtained his PhD at ESLAB, has won the Outstanding PhD Dissertations Award for 2011, given by the European Design and Automation Association (EDAA). EDAA has received a total of 31 nominations in four topics from around the world for the 2011 competition. Slava's thesis, "Scheduling and Optimization of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Embedded Systems", was selected as the winner in the topic of "new directions in embedded system design and embedded software.
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With help and patience you can still communicate

The instant world-wide communication that we are all used to is enabled by an extensive infrastructure. At disasters or in war zones this infrastructure will probably be destroyed and not operational. To enable communication in these environments ad hoc networks can be created. In his PhD thesis, Erik Kuiper proposes a method to send messages in partitioned ad hoc networks provided that all communication parties are location aware.
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