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News 2006

Adjunct professor named ACM Distinguished Scientist

Dr. Shumin Zhai, an adjunct associate professor at the Human-Centered Systems division, has been named ACM Distinguished Scientist.
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IDA co-coordinated the emergency exercise GNEX-06

The European Commission funded Network of Excellence (NoE) on Global Monitoring for Stability and Security – GMOSS- undertook a 36 hour near real-time exercise (10-11.10.2006) on applying satellite imagery and other geospatial technologies for supporting emergency response in Europe.

The Division of Human-Centered Systems together with the Centre for Satellite Based Crisis Information (ZKI) of the German Aerospace Center and the "Centre National d'Études Spatiales" (CNES) were responsible for the planning, execution and evaluation of the exercise.

The objectives of the exercise were:
  • To foster further integration among the involved organizations.
  • To assess the near real-time capabilities of the participating organizations.
  • To support the processes of operationalizing the geospatial technology in emergency response.
  • To identify potential topics for further work and research.

More than 20 European organisations and over 50 participants trained the collaborative response to a scenario simulating a potential release of radioactive substances over a confined region in Europe. Three sub-teams of scientists and emergency response personnel spread out over Europe worked in parallel in order to respond to the scenario. The teams were provided with satellite imagery, sensor data as well as further geographical information, and were mandated to extract and provide up-to-date information on infrastructure, urban areas and land cover. The
information was generated in the form of maps, reports and statistics.

Awarded IDA-thesis

Urban Ingelsson received the award for best undergraduate thesis, which is awarded annually by IDA and Dataföreningen i Sverige östra kretsen.

Golden Core member in IEEE Computer Society

Professor Zebo Peng was recognised as Golden Core member in 2005. Each year a small number of persons are added to the list of Golden Core members, making this group a permanent roster of the principal contributors to the society's success.

Best paper award at QualIT2005

Professor Göran Goldkuhl, VITS/IDA, has won the "best paper award" at the International Conference on Qualitative Research in IT & IT in Qualitative Research (QualIT2005) in Brisbane, Australia. The paper "The Evolution of a Business Process Theory - the Case of a Multi-Grounded Theory" was co-authored with Mikael Lind, VITS, Högskolan i Borås.
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