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Department leadership

Head of the department  Mariam Kamkar, prefekt@ida.liu.se
Vice head of the department  Henrik Eriksson, henrik.eriksson@liu.se
Zebo Peng, zebo.peng@liu.se


Graduate education  Petru Eles, petru.eles@liu.se
Anne Moe , anne.moe@liu.se

Undergraduate education  Directors of Undergraduate Education

Internationalization/student exchanges  Nahid Shahmehri, nahid.shahmehri@liu.se


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Business and society

Contacts and more information Collaboration

Administrative and technical services

Administrative manager  Marie Johansson, adm-chef@ida.liu.se
Technical manager 

Andreas Lange, andreas.lange@liu.se

Postal address:  Institutionen för datavetenskap
Linköpings universitet
SE-581 83  Linköping
Telephone:  +46 13 281000 (switchboard)
Telefax:  +46 13 142231

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Last updated: 2015-02-23