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IDA Calendar of Events

CollaborativeResearch Seminar Series: A short introduction to AI research and language modeling 

10:15 -- 12:00

Presenter: Arne Jönsson, professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science. In this presentation, I will first give a historical perspective of AI research and its implications for current research. I will briefly introduce the two major techniques for building AI systems, the symbolic and the sub symbolic approaches. Finally, I will say something about my own research on automatic text adaptation for increased digital inclusion and present recent research on language technology, leading among other things, to the large language models that recently were released, such as GPTchat.

Location: Online

Public defence of doctoral thesis in statistics: Hector Rodriguez-Deniz

13:15 -- 16:15

Hector Rodriguez, at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), defends his thesis entitled "Bayesian Models for Spatiotemperal Data from Transportation Networks". Main supervisor: Mattias Villani, Professor, IDA. Opponent:  Yusak Susilo, Professor, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria. Chair of the event: Linda Wänström, Associate professor, IDA. The event is public and held in English. 

Location: Ada Lovelace, Building B, Entrance 27, Campus Valla

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