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News 2020

Professor Emeritus Jan Maluszynski

It is with heavy hearts that we have to convey the sad news that Jan Maluszynski has left us after a long battle with cancer. Jan spent his last time at home with his next of kin and passed away in the evening of June 27th, 2020, aged 79. Jan came to Sweden and IDA almost 40 years ago in connection with the martial laws in Poland. He formed the Logic Programming Laboratory (LOGPRO) and devoted his professional life to research and education in declarative languages such as logic and constraint programming, grammatical formalisms and the semantic web. He retired more than 10 years ago but upheld contacts with IDA for several years as Professor Emeritus. Apart from being an internationally renowned researcher he was also a close friend and mentor of colleagues as well as graduates. Jan is sadly missed but his memory and contributions will be with us for years to come.

Wlodek Drabent / Henrik Eriksson / Mariam Kamkar / Ulf Nilsson

Best Master Thesis Prize

For the 21st time the prize for the best Master thesis was awarded by the Computer Society (East) in cooperation with IDA. Carl Folkesson was awarded the prize for a thesis defended in 2019 with the title "Anonymization of directory-structured sensitive data".

There were six Master theses defended by eight students during 2019 that were nominated for this year's prize. The other nominees were Sofia Thunberg, Per Lindström, Carl Nykvist, Martin Larsson, Tobias Sund CLaes Lööf, Christoffer Johansson. This year's Promotor in the Master category was Nahid Shahmehri and the links for all the nominated theses are found on the IDA prize page.
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Best Bachelor Thesis Award

The best Bachelor Thesis Prize for the year 2019 was awarded Fredrik Josefsson Ågren and Niklas Larsson for a thesis with the title "A study of slow denial of service mitigation tools and solutions deployed in the cloud". The prize was awarded by the Computer Society (East).

In addition to Fredrik Josefsson Ågren and Niklas Larsson four other students (three theses in total) were nominated for the best Bachelor thesis in 2019. The runner ups were Martin Lindblom, Oscar Järpehult, Madeleine Bäckström and Linn Hallonqvist. Ola Leifler acted as this year's Promotor in the Bachelor thesis prize ceremony. Links to all nominated theses can be found at the IDA pages for best thesis.
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Applications of Partial Polymorphisms in (Fine-Grained) Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems

If one is asked to multiply two large numbers or add the same numbers without a calculator, chances are high that he/she will do the later operation faster than the former one. Hence, in some sense, multiplication is more difficult than addition, and the aim of complexity theory is to investigate properties that make problems easy or hard, and group problems together according to their perceived difficulty. In this thesis, Biman Roy studies how the complexity of a particular class of problems, known as constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs), can be studied on a very fine-grained level using methods from universal algebra.
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