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Undergraduate Courses

The AIICS division has responsibility for 15 undergraduate courses at LiU:

Artificial Intelligence

TDDC17 Artificial Intelligence (D)
TDDD10 AI Programming
TDDA16 Representation using Logic in AI
TDDD48 Automated Planning
TDDC65 Artificial Intelligence and Lisp (I, DI)

Logic and Discrete Mathematics

TDDC36 Logic
TDDB08 Logic, Advanced Course
HKGAB4 Logic and Discrete Mathematics (COG)

Computer Programming and Languages

TDDC66 Computer Systems and Programming
TDDD63 Perspectives in Computer Science and Computer Engineering
TDDA69 Data and Program Structures (C, D)
TDDC67 Functional Programming and LISP
TDDI48 Advanced Programming and Interactivity on the WWW (DI)
TDDB87 Internet / WWW Programming (C)

Graduate Courses

AIICS currently offers the following graduate courses:

Knowledge Representation (CUGS)
Artificial Intelligence (CUGS)
Introduction to Machine Learning (CUGS, IDA)
Logic II (CUGS)

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