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TDDA69 Data and program structures


Welcome to the Data and Program structures course (aka DPS). The course used to be given in Swedish. This year, the lectures (föreläsningar) will be given in English, while the tutorials and the lab instructions are still in Swedish. It is possible to take the course even if you do not speak Swedish; contact me if it is your case.


140513  The exam is planned for 20140605 kl 8-12

140506  Guest Lecturer

The two books Professor Anders Haraldsson was refering to are: Ett första steg i Scala by Olle Kullberg and Programming Clojure by Sturat Halloway and Aaron Bedra.

120406  Guest Lecturer

Professor Anders Haraldsson will give a lecture on May 6th where he will go through some reflections on the course content, on the impact of Lisp and its relation to the current trends in todays programming languages: lambda expressions, closures, the new standard for c++, java, new dynamic languages, python, scala and clojure. The lecture will also mention partial evaluation and the relation between interpretors and compilers. Ahmed

140206  Subversion

You can now start handing in. More information on the labs page.

//Anders Märak Leffler

140205  nil replaced by null in the slides of lecture 2. Ahmed.

140117  Canceled lecture on January 22nd

Following the mail I have sent all participants (contact me if you are interested in the course but did not receive a mail about this lecture), the first lecture (planned for 22/01) is canceled and the first lecture becomes the second planned lecture (planned for 28/01). A lab will follow on January 28th as planned. Ahmed.

140115  Introduction to Scheme/Racket

If you need a Scheme/Racket refresher, you might be interested in looking at the course TDDC74 Programming, Abstraction and Modelling. It includes extra material (and Youtube lectures) on eg environment diagrams, but covers only the basics (roughly ch 1-3.3 of SICP).

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