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AIICS Publications: Student Theses

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[40] Simon Keisala. 2017.
Designing an Artificial Neural Network for state evaluation in Arimaa: Using a Convolutional Neural Network.
Student Thesis. 31 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/024--SE.

[39] Niclas Jonsson. 2017.
Implementation and testing of an FPT-algorithm for computing the h+ heuristic.
Student Thesis. 39 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G–17/077–SE.

[38] Henrik Phung. 2017.
Software developers? performance awareness.
Student Thesis. 49 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/016--SE.

[37] Full text  Daniel Artchounin. 2017.
Tuning of machine learning algorithms for automatic bug assignment.
Student Thesis. 135 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/022--SE.

[36] Fredrik Präntare. 2017.
Simultaneous coalition formation and task assignment in a real-time strategy game.
Student Thesis. 65 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/032--SE.

[35] Full text  Tova Linder and Ola Jigin. 2017.
Organ Detection and Localization in Radiological Image Volumes.
Student Thesis. 88 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/024--SE.

[34] Full text  Elena Moral López. 2017.
Muting pattern strategy for positioning in cellular networks.
Student Thesis. 65 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--17/018--SE.

[33] Petra Öhlin. 2017.
Prioritizing Tests with Spotify?s Test & Build Data using History-based, Modification-based & Machine Learning Approaches.
Student Thesis. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--2017/021--SE.

[32] Full text  Joakim Gylling. 2017.
Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Neural Networks.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/011--SE.

[31] Full text  Maximilian Bragazzi Ihrén and Henrik Ingbrant Björs. 2017.
Visualizing atmospheric data on a mobile platform.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/010--SE.

[30] Full text  Fredrik Jonsén and Alexander Stolpe. 2017.
The feasibility and practicality of a generic social media library.
Student Thesis. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--17/009--SE.

[29] Full text  Marcus Johansson. 2016.
Online Whole-Body Control using Hierarchical Quadratic Programming: Implementation and Evaluation of the HiQP Control Framework.
Student Thesis. 76 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--16/056--SE.

[28] Full text  Tomas Melin. 2016.
Implementation and Evaluation of a Continuous Code Inspection Platform.
Student Thesis. 100 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--16/047—SE.

[27] Full text  Martin Estgren. 2016.
Lightweight User Agents.
Student Thesis. 36 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--16/036--SE.

[26] Full text  Rasmus Holm. 2016.
Cluster Analysis of Discussions on Internet Forums.
Student Thesis. 62 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--16/037—SE.

[25] Full text  Erik Hansson. 2016.
Search guidance with composite actions: Increasing the understandability of the domain model.
Student Thesis. 98 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX--16/043--SE.

[24] Full text  Anna Boyer de la Giroday. 2016.
Automatic fine tuning of cavity filters.
Student Thesis. 49 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--16/036--SE.

[23] Full text  Stefan Bränd. 2015.
Using Rigid Landmarks to Infer Inter-Temporal Spatial Relations in Spatio-Temporal Reasoning.
Student Thesis. 32 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--15/074--SE.

[22] Full text  Valberg Joakim. 2015.
Document Separation in Digital Mailrooms.
Student Thesis. 47 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A-15/056-SE.

[21] Full text  Erik Sommarström. 2015.
I am the Greatest Driver in the World!: -Does self-awareness of driving ability affect traffic safety behaviour?.
Student Thesis. 43 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/KOGVET-A--15/008—SE.

[20] Tina Danielsson. 2015.
Portering från Google Apps REST API till Microsoft Office 365 REST API.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LiTH-IDA/ERASMUS-G--15/003--SE.

[19] Full text  Jonas Hietala. 2015.
A Comparison of Katz-eig and Link-analysis for Implicit Feedback Recommender Systems.
Student Thesis. 85 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--15/026--SE.

Link: http://www.jonashietala.se/masters_thesi...
[18] Full text  Patrik Bergström. 2015.
Automated Setup of Display Protocols.
Student Thesis. 44 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--15/014--SE.

Link: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:...
[17] Full text  Karl Nygren. 2015.
Trust Logics and Their Horn Fragments: Formalizing Socio-Cognitive Aspects of Trust.
Student Thesis. 93 pages. ISRN: LiTH-MAT-EX--2015/01--SE.

[16] Full text  Mattias Tiger. 2014.
Unsupervised Spatio-Temporal Activity Learning and Recognition in a Stream Processing Framework.
Student Thesis. 103 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--14/059--SE.

[15] Full text  Per Jonsson. 2014.
Design och implementation av webbenkäter: kvalitet, svarsfrekvens och underhåll.
Student Thesis. 10 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--14/049--SE.

[14] Full text  Anders Wikström. 2014.
Resource allocation of drones flown in a simulated environment.
Student Thesis. 24 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--14/003—SE.

[13] Jakob Pogulis. 2013.
Testramverk för distribuerade system.
Student Thesis. 46 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--13/010--SE.

[12] Full text  Christopher Bergdahl. 2013.
Modeling Air Combat with Influence Diagrams.
Student Thesis. 64 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--13/031--SE.

[11] Full text  Johan Fredborg. 2013.
Spam filter for SMS-traffic.
Student Thesis. 82 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--13/021-SE.

[10] Full text  Jonatan Olofsson. 2012.
Towards Autonomous Landing of a Quadrotorusing Monocular SLAM Techniques.
Student Thesis. 102 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/026--SE.

[9] Full text  Anders Hongslo. 2012.
Stream Processing in the Robot Operating System framework.
Student Thesis. 79 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/030--SE.

[8] Full text  Viet Ha Nguyen. 2012.
Design Space Exploration of the Quality of Service for Stream Reasoning Applications.
Student Thesis. 35 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/027--SE.

[7] Full text  Daniel Lazarovski. 2012.
Extending the Stream Reasoning in DyKnow with Spatial Reasoning in RCC-8.
Student Thesis. 74 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--12/008--SE.

[6] Full text  Zlatan Dragisic. 2011.
Semantic Matching for Stream Reasoning.
Student Thesis. 110 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--11/041--SE.

[5] Full text  Marjan Alirezaie. 2011.
Semantic Analysis Of Multi Meaning Words Using Machine Learning And Knowledge Representation.
Student Thesis. 74 pages. ISRN: LiU/IDA-EX-A- -11/011- -SE.

[4] Full text  Fredrik Åslin. 2010.
Evaluation of Hierarchical Temporal Memory in algorithmic trading.
Student Thesis. 32 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-G--10/005--SE.

[3] Mikael Nilsson. 2009.
Spanneröar och spannervägar.
Student Thesis. 126 pages. ISRN: -.

[2] Full text  Tommy Persson. 2009.
Evaluating the use of DyKnow in multi-UAV traffic monitoring applications.
Student Thesis. 75 pages. ISRN: LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--09/019--SE.

[1] Jonas Kvarnström. 1996.
A New Tractable Planner for the SAS+ Formalism.
Student Thesis. In series: LiTH-IDA-Ex #9625. 283 pages. ISRN: LiTH-IDA-Ex-9625.

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