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Theory Lectures and Seminars

The lectures are divided into five different knowledge areas presented in the course in the following order:
  • Requirements (week 36)
  • Design and Architecture (week 37)
  • Testing and Software Configuration Management (week 38)
  • Planning and Processes (week 39)
  • Software Quality (week 40-401)

In each area, three to four 45 minutes lectures are given to introduce fundamental concepts within the knowledge area. After the lectures in each area, the students can optionally solve an exercise relating to the area. Instructions and deadlines will be found on the exercise page.

The lectures summarize the most important aspects of software engineering principles. However, these lectures do not cover the whole course, so the student is expected to read and reflect more about the principles introduced in the lectures. References are found on the literature page. Conversely, there are also areas presented at the lectures that are not described in the course book or additional material.

Full sets of slides will be published on this page before a lecture is given.

Project Lectures

Lectures, seminars and meetings for the project part of TDDC88 and 725G64 are not listed below. To see the project schedule, go to the Project and Schedule page.

Time table

See the TimeEdit page for TDDC93 (=the theory part of TDDC88 and 725G64).

Lecture slides and notes

  1. Course introduction (1x45 min)[slides]
  2. Software Roles (1x45 min) [slides]
  3. Requirements Engineering (3x 45 min) [slides]
  4. UML and object-orientation [slides]
  5. UML behavior models [slides]
  6. Software Architecture [slides]
  7. Testing [slides]
  8. Configuration management [slides]
  9. Project management [slides]
  10. Software Life-Cycle models [slides]
  11. Software Metrics [slides][failure-based][time-based]
  12. Software Reviews [slides]
  13. Software Quality Management [slides]
  14. Summary of key concepts in the course [slides]
  15. Walk-through of old exam [exam2016-10-28][grading instructions]


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