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Our company

This project work will probably be a bit different from other project courses that you might have passed previously in your education. Here, we will simulate a "real" scenario, where you are employed in a simulated software development company.

All students in course will be divided into different companies, each consisting of approximately 25-30 students. There will be around 4 different companies working in parallel. During the semester, these companies are all producing the same kind of product and are talking to the same customer. Hence, these companies are competitors and in the end of semester the reference customer will choose one solution.

In the rest of the text describing the company, the information will be the same for all the different companies.


The company consist of two different departments:
  • The Product and Sales (P&S) department.
  • The Research and Development (R&D) department.
All students are employed in either the R&D or the P&S department. For each of the departments, there is a department manager (a students). The CEO for the whole company is Rita Kovordaniy.

Product & Sales (P&S) Department

The P&S department is responsible for having continuous contact with the customer. They are creating and negotiating requirements with the customer and performing acceptance testing.

The P&S department is also responsible for system testing of the product and maintaining and updating the operational environment.

Example of roles that the employees in the P&S department can have:

  • P&S Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Communication responsible
  • Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Product Manager
  • Test Leader
  • Testers
  • Quality Coordinator

Research and Development (R&D) Department

The R&D department is responsible for designing, implementing and testing the system. Input for the design comes from the P&S department and tested versions of the system is delivered to the P&S department for deployment. Typically, the R&D Department performs unit and integration testing of the product before it is delivered.

Example of some possible roles in the R&D Department:

  • R&D Manager
  • Architect
  • Developers
  • Data Engineer
  • Configuration Manager
  • Process Manager
  • Technical Writers
  • Deployment Manager

Cross-functional Teams

An organisation where all work are performed within separate functional departments (e.g. in R&D and P&S separately) becomes typically very rigid and slow. Hence, it is recommended that cross-functional teams are formed, which include people from both departments. To be successful, cross-function teams are typically consisting of 6-8 persons and their tasks map down to one or two well-defined modules of the architecture. New teams can be formed between each iteration. Note that all people in the company, independent of their role, should be part of a cross-functional team.

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