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Recent advancements within chain graphs

Probabilistic graphical models are currently one of the most commonly used architectures for modelling and reasoning with uncertainty. They are used in a wide range applications ranging from error diagnostics in printers to decision support systems in market analysis. In his thesis, Dag Sonntag discusses the semantics of one such class of models called chain graphs and present recent advancements made in the research field.

Are your mobile apps consuming too much energy when accessing the network?

Did you know that certain application features can double the energy consumption due to communication? Ekhiotz Jon Vergara's PhD thesis proposes methods and tools to support and evaluate the design of energy-efficient mobile communication at the user end.

Innovation grant from Google

Journalism++ Stockholm together with IDA PhD student Måns Magnusson gets an innovation grant from Google News Initiative to develop Marple, a highly automated news service for finding especially local stories in public data.

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