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Social Robots as Intentional Agents

Robotic systems, such as autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots, are typically technologically complex. This means that their actions can be difficult to understand and predict. According to findings presented in Sam Thellman´s dissertation, this means that people who encounter such systems in their daily lives may sometimes have to consider what these systems "know" and "want" to interact purposefully with them.

Semantic Technologies for Streaming Data and Uncertainty

The need to be able to analyze and combine different types of streaming data exists within many domains. In his dissertation, Robin Keskisärkkä has studied and developed methods to deal with uncertainty over streaming data using semantic technologies.

Distinguished Paper IJCAI 2021

At IJCAI 2021, Simon Ståhlberg and Jendrik Seipp together with Guillem Francès at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, have been awarded a prize for their article "Learning Generalized Unsolvability Heuristics for Classical Planning".

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