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Computer and Information Science

Simple and secure web authentication

Do you have many passwords to remember for different web services? Do you know where your private information will end up when using third-parties such as Google and Facebook to log in to other websites? In her doctoral thesis, Anna Vapen presents alternatives to passwords, as well as other findings in the field of web authentication.

Award for teaching achievements 2016

Aseel Berglund, Senior Lecturer at IDA, got the 2016 award from the Institute of Technology for her teaching achievements and excellence efforts in the course Professionalism for Engineers that is given to students on the first three years (Bachelor level) of the 5 year degrees in Computer Engineering and Software Engineering. Aseel has developed the course and is also the course leader and examiner since the start in autumn 2013.

Best thesis award for 2015

The best thesis prize for Bachelor and Master theses presented during 2015 was awarded for the 17th time with a sponsorship of the Swedish Computer Society. This year’s Promotor, Inger Erlander Klein, named Alexander Alesand for the master level prize, and Viktor and Mathias Almquist for the Bachelor level prize. She also praised all the nominated students for well-deserved nominations.

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