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Computer and Information Science

Parameterized Verification of Synchronized Concurrent Programs

In her PhD thesis at IDA, Zeinab Ganjei studied formal verification of parameterized systems. That is, systems in which the number of executing processes is not bounded a priori. She provided fully-automatic and parameterized model checking techniques for establishing the correctness of safety properties for certain classes of concurrent programs.

Nomination for Gyllene Moroten

Every year, LinTek hands out the "Gyllene Moroten" award for distinguished achievements in teaching at LiTH. Among this year's nominees are two teachers from IDA: Magnus Nielsen and Marco Kuhlmann

IDA's award for best online teaching

During the past year, most of IDA's teaching has been conducted online, and all of our teachers have put a lot of work and energy into reorganizing their classes. Many have developed new pedagogical approaches and produced new teaching material. IDA would like to showcase some of the best examples and draw attention to our teachers’ remarkable pedagogical and technical competence through an award for best online teaching.

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