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Computer and Information Science

Bachelor and Master thesis awards

The IDA best thesis award in collaboration with the Computer Society was announced in an award ceremony at Vallfarten for the 23rd time. The two prize winning theses were selected among 6 nominated ones that qualified for selection by this year's Promoter Kristian Sandahl.

Automatic Adaptation of Swedish Texts for Increased Inclusion

To provide texts written in Easy Language is important, as it allows more people to read and assimilate written text. However, to adapt texts manually is resource consuming and if this process could be automated, it would be beneficial both for the individual reader, as well as for society. In her PhD thesis, Evelina Rennes’ adopts a target audience perspective and links existing guidelines for writing Easy Swedish to a theoretical model of reading comprehension and evaluates them based on appl

Synthesis of Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems

Modern safety-critical real-time systems are becoming more and more complex due to sophisticated applications. This has led to increased requirements for communication infrastructures. Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a promising technique that can handle the increasing bandwidth requirements while meeting real-time constraints. In his dissertation, Yuanbin Zhou has studied the synthesis of schedules and routes for TSN, in order to fulfill timing and reliability requirements for safety-critica

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