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Computer and Information Science

Best Master Thesis Prize

For the 21st time the prize for the best Master thesis was awarded by the Computer Society (East) in cooperation with IDA. Carl Folkesson was awarded the prize for a thesis defended in 2019 with the title "Anonymization of directory-structured sensitive data".

Best Bachelor Thesis Award

The best Bachelor Thesis Prize for the year 2019 was awarded Fredrik Josefsson Ågren and Niklas Larsson for a thesis with the title "A study of slow denial of service mitigation tools and solutions deployed in the cloud". The prize was awarded by the Computer Society (East).

Applications of Partial Polymorphisms in (Fine-Grained) Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems

The aim of complexity theory is to investigate properties that make problems easy or hard, and group problems together according to their perceived difficulty. In his thesis, Biman Roy studies how the complexity of a particular class of problems, known as constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs), can be studied on a very fine-grained level using methods from universal algebra.

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