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Computer and Information Science

Marco Kuhlmann gets the Distinguished Teaching Award

Each year since 1990, the Union of Technology and Science Students awards the "Golden Carrot" for distinguished teaching on the programmes at the Institute of Technology. This year, the winner of this distinction is Marco Kuhlmann, Associate Professor of Computer Science at IDA, who had been nominated by the students in Computer Science and Engineering.

Best thesis prize awarded by ITSM

Two Information Technology students, Rasmus Lindström and Nicklas Östman, were awarded the best Master thesis prize for their work on how agile development scales in different types of organisations. The prize was awarded by ITSM, the knowledge network for active professionals within IT service management.

Programming and Optimization Techniques for GPU-based Systems

Today's computer systems are increasingly heterogeneous, where one or several general-purpose processors (CPU) are complemented by hardware accelerators such as graphics processors (GPU) that can perform certain computations faster and/or more energy-efficiently. But writing and optimizing portable programs for such heterogeneous systems is notoriously difficult. In his PhD thesis, Dr. Lu Li has developed a number of techniques and software tools that can help the programmer with this task.

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