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Computer and Information Science

Best young author award

The International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security (CRITIS) has an annual award for young authors presenting their paper in the conference. This year the Young CRITIS Award was granted to Roland Plaka who presented a paper on the security analysis of electric vehicles charging infrastructure.

Bachelor and Master thesis awards

The Computer Society Prize for the best thesis presented in 2022 was this year awarded for the 25th time. The winners were Elsa Andersson (Bachelor) and Carl-Magnus Bruhner (Master) presented by this year's Promotor Jendrik Seipp at an award ceremony.

Teaching and Learning Concurrent Programming in the Shared Memory Model

Modern computers contain an increasing number of cores. As such, students of computer science need to be familiar with concurrent programming in order to be able to write correct and performant programs for these systems. In his PhD thesis Filip Strömbäck investigates what areas of concurrent programming students struggle with, and suggests ways in which teachers can help students to better understand the subject.

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