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Example Exams

There are a number exams which you can look at as example exams. Note that the exact questions are less likely to occur again, so do not focus on the specific questions.

There are no solutions to the problems. This is intentional because there are many different ways to solve most of the problems; it is important to understand the principles instead of learning a set of standard solutions. If you use old exams to prepare for your exam, you will discover more knowledgein your search compared to if you just verify against a single solution. Moreover, in your professional life you will always need to find information and make your own judgments. Many students like to work in a group where they discuss the different solutions, try to do this even in distance mode.

In the end of the course we will walk through an old exam with sample solutions to explain how we are grading and how much detail we normally require of a solution. So far, we don't know if the exam will be in distance mode.

Since 2021-08-26 the exams are run in the WISEflow system.

Old Written Example exams

For more specific information about the written exam, please see section examination.

Page responsible: Kristian Sandahl
Last updated: 2023-08-27