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Peer- and self-assessment

A peer- and self-assessment shall be submitted two times during the project.


The idea with peer- and self-assessment is to gather the students' knowledge of individual contributions. This is a complement to the supervisors' view of how the project is run.

Data collection

Two times during the semester you will receive an invitation to participate in a poll where you will rate two properties of all members of the company:

  1. The overall contribution to the project
  2. How often you communicate

Your input is given anonymously.


From the data we will calculate a simple index where the overall contribution and frequency of communication are combined. A anonymous summary will be sent to the entire company. After the first assessment you can retrieve your individual index value. The intention is that you can use this information to determine if you need to change the way you work with the company. You are more than welcome to ask the teachers for feed-back of your plans.

The second assessment is more a receipt of how you and your peers rate your contribution. This data can be used for the individual grade, but we are well aware about the potential problems with anonymous questionnaires. In all cases a low index will be the trigger for getting more information, for instance, the reflection reports or setting up an interview.



  • Part I study period Ht1: 2023-10-16, 23:59
  • Part II study period Ht2: 2023-12-05, 23:59

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Last updated: 2023-09-15