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Lecture Exercises

The purpose of the lecture exercises is to practice and reflect on the theory content presented at the lectures and in the course literature. There are in total five exercises, each dealing with one of the five knowledge areas presented in the course. The difficulty of the questions correspond ot the advanced part of the written exams.

Exercises and Deadlines

Below you can find the deadlines for the lecture exercises. For 2017 we will update the exercises.

The text must be written by yourself, to avoid misunderstanding run the self-study course NoPlagiat.


The following items must be considered when solving the exercises:
  • The deadlines are strict. Each exercise must be submitted before the deadline.
  • The text of the solution must not exceed two A4 pages (font size 12 and one column is recommended). Figures and tables are not included, i.e., a solution with e.g. UML diagrams can contain one page of describing texts and two pages of UML diagrams.
  • The solutions can be given in Swedish or English, but not the mixture of the two.
  • The solutions can be created individually or in groups of two students.
  • Dividing the work between two individuals where one person writes exercise 1 and the other one exercise 2 etc. is strictly forbidden and counted as cheating. Hence, if working in a group, it is a requirement that each exercise is performed in collaboration within the group.
  • It is strictly forbidden to copy-and-paste text from other groups or sources. All such cheating or plagiarism will be reported to the disciplinary committee.
  • The heading of the first page of the submitted document must include full names, email address, and personal numbers for all authors of the solution.


  • The report must be submitted as one attached pdf-file. Note that both diagrams and text must be in the same pdf-file, i.e., you should not send in several separate files. Otherwise you might get an error message back from URKUND.
  • It should be sent to email address: krisa34.liu@analys.urkund.se. Urkund is a system that automatically checks the document for plagiarism.
  • You will receive a receipt from URKUND via mail. If not, you have probably forgotten to attach a file. All these problems have to be sorted out before the deadline.
  • The subject field of the email must contain a text string of the format [leX], where X is the exercise number. For example, if exercise two is submitted (about Planning and Processes) the subject field must contain string [le2]. Note that the square brackets [] must be part of this string.
  • The email must be sent from one of the authors' LiU student email account, e.g. from abcde123@student.liu.se.

Grading and Results

Each exercise can give between zero and four credits to the exam. Please see the examination page for more details.

The results will be sent back to the student email address that were used during the submission process. The result is sent out at latest two weeks after the submission deadline.

Page responsible: Kristian Sandahl
Last updated: 2017-09-29