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The project teams are responsible for the progress of all activities in the project. However, to support you in this process, there are supervisors available in different areas who can help you.

The supervisors' role in the project is twofold:

  • To help you by giving tips and asking the right questions. I.e., their purpose is not to give you solutions, but to help you getting in the right direction.
  • To assess the quality of your work and then to grade your achievements in respective area. Note that they are not only judging the final result of your work, but also how you are handling problems along the way.

Two supervisors are available in the project. We call them "consulting supervisors" since you ask them for specialized technical and methodological questions, just like a consultant in industry.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO of the company is Rita Kovordányi, rita.kovordanyi@liu.se . She will help you to organize your work with the project, but as an ordinary CEO in a company, she will not organize it for you. You are welcome to come to her to discuss all matters regarding progress and problems in the project.


The customers are not directly your supervisor. They will of course help you to understand what is supposed to be delivered, but it is at the same time your role to explain what can be done and give suggestions of different alternatives. Urko Serrano from Zenterio is also the assessor from the customer side. Zenterio AB is our customer this year.


The examiner chairs progress meetings and grading conferences amongst the people above. Otherwise the role is mostly academic course leader.

Page responsible: Kristian Sandahl
Last updated: 2017-08-28