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Project and Product

Before the summer vacation 2023, the executive board of the company decided that a new product shall be developed and marketed. They have fore-casted a great need to spread the content of our company to a wider audience by working together with a reference customer. The timeline is fairly ambitious; a first release of version 1.0 shall be launched in December 2023 at the Valla Software and System Expo (VSSE).

Reference Customer

The reference customer 2023 is Region Östergötland who asks for solutions in the area of logistics. The product is only at an idea stage. Therefore, good input from the customer is essential in order to set up the right requirements. The customer will ask for new ideas, so there is also a need for brainstorming and creativity. Furthermore, since it is a new product, the company needs a good reference customer to be able to sell the product in the future. The CEO has managed to sign a contract with the customer. The contract consists of a prepaid pre-study, where our company shall deliver a plan and suggestions of the product. If the customer accepts the pre-study, they will let us distribute our product, which must be delivered no later than December 2023.

This arrangement with a reference customer gives several advantages. The customer will:

  • pay for some of the product development cost.
  • be our first reference customer for future marketing.
  • give us good requirements as input, which enable relevant features.

Working with the customer

Please note that the customer has other things on their minds. You will not be their main concern, and so when you meet with them and ask them questions, remind them of your project and the context. If you just hit them with "Where do you think this button should be?" they may not even recall which project you're talking about. This is particularly important since there are multiple projects per customer. Some information from the customer might be in Swedish, which might be important for planning the roles.


All students will sign a general agreement with the customer. For students who will visit the hospital and/or receive real information might need to sign a special secrecy contract. The documents are in Swedish and the Company will make sure that the fellow students who don't understand Swedish get the full picture of what they are signing.

Customer and cooperation partner contact

Will be presented at the project introduction.

Product Requirements

It is the P&S department's responsibility to organize, collect, and assemble the requirements for the product. The are many different stakeholders who can be the source of requirements (or potential requirements), where the most prominent are:
  • The reference customer
  • The CEO
  • Employees of our company
  • End-users
  • Competitors (by studying what they are offering)

Project Constraints

In a utopian world, there would be unlimited resources to produce and deliver products. However, in the real world, this is of course not the case. In this project there are many critical resource constraints, such as the available time for the customer, computer resources, budget, calendar time etc.

Since we have signed a fixed price contract with the reference customer, the executive board has decided that the amount of time that we can spend on the product is limited. A corporate decision is made that each engineer in the project shall spend 160 hours on this project, including everything (project meetings, document preparations, implementation etc.) Since this project requirement is very important, it is up to the department managers to collect time reports from employee and report this before each company or department meeting.

Page responsible: Kristian Sandahl
Last updated: 2023-08-30