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VSSE'16 - Valla Software and System Expo


The program is divided into two separate sessions.

Product Session

Companies present themselves and their product. The scenario is that you are at an exhibition, with lot of people in the audience: customers, competitors, technical journalists, and other software professionals. Each company has 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions. General presentation of the company is limited to 2 minutes. A live demo of the product is a plus, but be sure to have a back-up plan. This part shall be selling your product to the audience. It is a role game, but you must be honest about what you have actually implemented. There are high requirements on presentation technique, be sure to have stand-ins if someone gets sick. No more than two presenters on the stage simultaneously.

Experience Session

The companies make a general experience presentation of 15 minutes each plus 5 minutes for questions. No role game at this session, the goal is to share experience. The experience report shall cover:

  • Process experience - technical experience
  • Positive and negative experience
  • Experiences from the entire project, not just the last week.
  • Experiences from different roles' perspective.
  • Major take-away from the course.

Please, only talk about your project, not about the course. Kristian and Rita are more than happy to receive feed-back about the course, but not during the presentation on VSSE.

Date: 2017-12-07 (95% sure)

Place: C1 (preliminary)

13:15 Opening VSSE'17
13:20-13:40 Product session Company 1
13:45-14:05 Product session Company 2
14:10-14:30 Product session Company 3
14:35-14:55 Product session Company 4
14:55-15:10 Break
15:10-15:30 Experience session Company 1
15:35-15:55 Experience session Company 2
16:00-16:20 Experience session Company 3
16:25-16:45 Experience session Company 4
16:45-17:00 Winner of best product session announced.
End of VSSE'17

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Last updated: 2017-08-28