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The following page lists references and recommendations which can be useful both in the project and theory part of this course.

Project Management

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is probably the most widely used software tool for project planning. If you are interested, there is a limited opportunity to download MS Project for free. Please see the section DreamSpark Premium below for download.

Project Libre is a free project planning tool.

UML Tools

Violet UML Editor

The free and simple tool Violet UML Editor is used in the laboratory exercises for drawing UML diagrams. The tool is simple to learn, but it has a number of limitations.

Microsoft Visio and UML

A more advanced alternative is to use Microsoft Visio together with the excellent Stencil and Template package. Using this tool, it is easier to extract nice pictures and the library covers the whole UML 2.5 specification. See section DreamSpark Premium for free download.

DreamSpark Premium

Although Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project are commercial non free softwares, there is a limited possibility for students registered to courses at IDA to use the DreamSpark for free. Please see this faq page for more information. Unfortunately, this page is only available in Swedish. However, here is a MS translated version.

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Last updated: 2016-08-28