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Courses ordered by course name

The list include courses given spring semester 2018 until spring semester 2019. For more information about a course, click the course code.

732A60Advanced Academic Studies,  credits (A)
TDDI03Advanced Computer Architecture, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDTS08Advanced Computer Architecture, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729A64Advanced Course in Cognitive Science, 10 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A75Advanced Data Mining, 6 credits (A)
TDDD43Advanced Data Models and Databases, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729A88Advanced Interaction Design, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD53Advanced Interaction Design, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A96Advanced Machine Learning, 6 credits (A)
TDDE15Advanced Machine Learning, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDTS21Advanced Networking, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD38Advanced Programming in C++, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A94Advanced Programming in R, 6 credits (A)
TDDE19Advanced Project Course - AI and Machine Learning, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE20Advanced Project Course - Game, App and Web Development, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE21Advanced Project Course: Secure Distributed and Embedded Systems, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD30Advanced Software Engineering, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD27Advanced Web Programming, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE05AI Robotics, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD95Algorithmic Problem Solving, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G19Applied Cognitive Science, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD92Artificial Intelligence - Project, 5 credits (Grundnivå)
729G43Artificial Intelligence, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC17Artificial Intelligence, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD48Automated Planning, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G40Bachelor Thesis in Cognitive Science, 18 credits (Grundnivå)
961G14Basic programming with mathematics didactic focus for teachers in grades 7-9, 7.5 credits (G1)
732A73Bayesian Learning, 6 credits (A)
732A91Bayesian Learning, 6 credits (A)
TDDE07Bayesian Learning, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732G43Bayesian Statistics, 7.5 credits (G)
729A71Behaviour in Complex Systems, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A54Big Data Analytics,  credits (A)
TDDE31Big Data Analytics, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A51Bioinformatics, 6 credits (A)
729G41Capstone Course in Undergraduate Cognitive Science, 6 credits (G2)
TDDE29Codesign, Tools and Approaches, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729A78Cognitive Aspects of Learning and Design of Educational Technology, 7.5 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G15Cognitive Modelling, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729A94Cognitive Science - Methods, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G39Cognitive science introductory course, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729A67Cognitive Science Methods - Individual In-Depth Studies, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A01Cognitive Science Project I, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A02Cognitive Science Project II, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729A46Cognitive Science Project, 16 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDP017Company Project, 10 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDB44Compiler Construction, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD55Compilers and Interpreters, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD05Component Based Software, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A90Computational statistics, 6 credits (A)
TDTS10Computer Architecture, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD83Computer Engineering - Bachelor Project, 18 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP007Computer Language Construction, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDTS04Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDTS11Computer Networks and Internet Protocols, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDTS06Computer Networks, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G09Computers in Linguistics, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDIU16Concurrent and Operating Systems Programming, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDB68Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE28Contemporary Perspective on Value Creation, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDA69Data and Program Structures, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD41Data Mining - Clustering and Association Analysis, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
725G97Data Structures and Algorithms, 7.5 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC91Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD71Data Structures and Algorithms, 2 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE22Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI16Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD86Data Structures, Algorithms and Programming Paradigms, 11 credits (Grundnivå)
732G12Data-Mining, 7.5 credits (G)
732A57Database Technology,  credits (G2)
TDDD12Database Technology, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD37Database Technology, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD46Database Technology, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD81Database Technology, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD74Databases for Bioinformatics, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
732G16Databases: Design and Programming, 7.5 credits (G2)
732A66Decision theory, 6 credits (A)
TQPR10Degree project - Bachelor's Thesis, 16 credits (G2)
TDDD61Design - Strategy and Management, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD20Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD23Design and Programming of Computer Games, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDB84Design Patterns, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A06Design Research Methods, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE03Design Studio II, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDC75Discrete Structures, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
729G12Distributed and Situated Cognition, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI07Distributed Embedded Software and Networks, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD25Distributed Systems, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD75Effect-Driven Development and Human-Centered Design of Interactive Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD75Effect-Driven Development and Human-Centred Design of Interactive Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI11Embedded Software, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI08Embedded Systems Design, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
769A08Embodied, Situated, and Distributed Cognition, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDP024Enterprise Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD14Formal Languages and Automata Theory, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD85Formal Languages and Automata Theory, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE23Functional and Imperative Programming, Part 1, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE24Functional and Imperative Programming, Part 2, 5 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD50Green Computing, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
732G01Grundläggande statistik, grundkurs, 7.5 credits (G)
769A09Human Factors, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDP002Imperative Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD17Information Security, Second Course, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G46Information technology and programming, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
769A04Interaction Design, studio course, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G22Interaction Design, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G26Interaction Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC73Interaction Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD13Interaction Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC63Interactive Form, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD90Interactive Products, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD60Interactive Systems, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP022Interactive Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD62Internship, 18 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDIU14Introduction to Bachelor Thesis, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
729A10Introduction to Cognitive Science, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE44Introduction to Computer Programming, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE17Introduction to Language Technology, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE04Introduction to Programming and Computational Thinking, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD11Introduction to Programming, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
732A74Introduction to Python, 3 credits (A)
732G17Introduction to SAS Programming, 7.5 credits (G)
TDDI41Introduction to System Administration, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
732G45Introductory Statistics and Data Analysis, 30 credits (G)
732G40Introductory Statistics, 7.5 credits (G)
732G42Introductory Time Series Analysis, 7.5 credits (G)
TDDD29IT-Project Management, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729G21Joint Cognitive Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
732G32Kandidatuppsats i Statistik, fördjupningskurs, 15 credits (G)
729G49Language and Computers, 9 credits (Grundnivå)
729G17Language Technology, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP030Language Technology, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE35Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Networks, 11 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE06Large-Scale Software Development - Structures and Processes, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE14Large-Scale Software Development: Contributions and Evolution, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD08Logic Programming, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD72Logic, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD88Logic, 5 credits (Grundnivå)
732A99Machine Learning, 9 credits (A)
TDDE01Machine Learning, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDP001Management of Computer Environment, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
729A80Master Thesis, 30 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A64Master's Thesis, 30 credits (A)
TDP015Mathematics, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD66Mobile Networks, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE13Multi Agent Systems, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD56Multicore and GPU Programming, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732G41Multiple Regression and Time Series Analysis, 7.5 credits (G)
732G08Multivariate Methods, 7.5 credits (G)
729A27Natural Language Processing, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE09Natural Language Processing, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDI82Object Oriented Problem Solving, 10 credits (Grundnivå)
729A85Object Oriented Programming and Java, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD78Object Oriented Programming and Java, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE30Object Oriented Programming and Java, 7 credits (Grundnivå)
725G90Object Oriented Programming in Java, 7.5 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE10Object Oriented Programming in Java, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE11Object Oriented Programming in Java, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC77Object Oriented Programming, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDIU20Object Oriented Programming, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP004Object Oriented Programming, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDIU11Operating Systems, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD39Perspectives on Information Technology, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE25Perspectives to Computer and Software Technology, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD57Physical Interaction and Game Programming, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE39Physical Interaction Design and Prototyping, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDAB01Probability and Statistics, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
732A63Probability Theory, 6 credits (A)
725G92Problem solving and programming, 7.5 credits (Grundnivå)
TDIU08Problem Solving and Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD70Professionalism for Engineers, part 1, 1 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD84Professionalism for Engineers, part 3, 1 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD94Professionalism for Engineers, part 4, 1 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD91Professionalism for Engineers, part 5, 1 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI83Professionalism for Engineers, 2 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE32Professionalism in Computer Science, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDI02Program Development Project, 6 credits (G1)
729G75Programming and Algorithmic Thinking, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC76Programming and Data Structures, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD87Programming and Problem Solving, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE18Programming C++, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD49Programming in C# and .NET Framework, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
725G66Programming in C# and the NET Framework, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
726G77Programming in C++, 6 credits (G2)
732G33Programming in R, 7.5 credits (G)
732G83Programming in R, 7.5 credits (G)
TDDC78Programming of Parallel Computers - Methods and Tools, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD44Programming with Applications in Engineering, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC74Programming: Abstraction and Modelling, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD82Project Semester including Bachelor Thesis Project: Secure, Mobile Systems, 30 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP029Project: Agile System Development, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP019Project: Computer Language, 10 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP028Project: Entrepreneurial Programming, 10 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD80Project: Mobile and Social Applications, 11 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP005Project: Object Oriented System, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP003Project: Personal Computer Environment, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD07Real Time Systems, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732G46Regression Analysis and Analysis of Variance, 15 credits (G)
732G05Regressions- och tidsserieanalys, 7.5 credits (G)
732A76Research Project, 6 credits (A)
729A98Risk and Accident Analysis, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732G21Sambandsmodeller, 15 credits (G)
TDP026Scientific Method in Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD89Scientific Method, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
768A05Service Design and Innovation, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD51Service Design and Innovation, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
768A04Service Design, Studio, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729A63Simulators and Simulator Usage, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD96Software Engineering - Bachelor Project, 15 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD69Software Engineering - Company Project, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD76Software Engineering Project, 8 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC93Software Engineering Theory, 4 credits (Grundnivå)
725G64Software Engineering, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDC88Software Engineering, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE02Software Entrepreneurship, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDC90Software Security, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD04Software Testing, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732A93Statistical Methods, 6 credits (A)
732G39Statistics Project, 7.5 credits (G)
NDAB02Statistics; Theory and Application in Biology, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
732G81Statistics, 11 credits (G)
732G70Statistik A, 7 credits (G)
732G71Statistik B, 8 credits (G)
732G20Statistisk teori I, 7.5 credits (G)
TDDE37Studio 2, 12 credits (Avancerad nivå)
732G38Survey Methods, 7.5 credits (G)
732G04Surveymetodik, 7.5 credits (G)
TDTS07System Design and Methodology, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDD35System Usability Issues, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
732A92Text Mining, 6 credits (A)
TDDE16Text Mining, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
769A03Thinking with Representations, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE38Thinking with Representations, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE40Transformation for Design, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
729A99Usability testing, 6 credits (Avancerad nivå)
TDDE33User Driven Product Development, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDE36User Experience and Interaction Design, 12 credits (Grundnivå)
729G44User Interface Design, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
732A98Visualization, 6 credits (A)
TDDE42Web Production with Dynamic Layout, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
729G28Web Programming and Databases, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDP013Web Programming and Interactivity, 6 credits (Grundnivå)
TDDD97Web Programming, 6 credits (Grundnivå)

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