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Muddy Card Evaluation

Muddy card evaluation 2016-09-13

We received 95 muddy cards on all course codes.

In general the muddy card evaluation didn't point out any weak point with the course, and we received several positive and "OK"-comments.

Some frequent critical comments:


  1. More examples needed in lectures.
  2. Instructions for home exams unclear.
  3. There should be solutions to at least one old exam.
  4. Labs (TDDC88/725G64):

  5. Labs come before lectures.


  1. Got the point, I will give more examples on the Metrics lecture and others whenever it fits.
  2. To some degree that is deliberate, you need to read more about concepts introduced in lecture and form your own mental picture of how things relate to be able to both understand and answer the questions.We get many good answers, but we are strict in setting points to show you the level for the exam. 2-4 is considered as good.
  3. Related to the above, many questions have several different solutions and just getting some particular solution will not be of much help when you develop your own understanding. But I will go through an old exam at the last lecture to show you how we think while grading, but then I will be present and take questions. It is very typical that when I show a solution, students approach me with alternative solutions during the break. Most alternaives are also good (somtimes better than mine!)
  4. Yes, that was percieved as a problem last year too. (earlier years, people didn't care) I've improved this year, the average student in Thursday groups will have lectures before labs. I know it is not perfect for all students, but if you spend time in preparing the labs, you understand more from the lectures directly. I can schedule the theory a bit faster, but then I will destroy the structure with a theme per week going along with the lecture exercises. I hope to get in contact with student representatives after the course.

Good luck with the rest of the course.