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Muddy Card Evaluation

Muddy card evaluation 2022-09-07

Hi, thanks for the muddy cards. We got 22 answers for TDDC88 and 14 for TDDC93.

Many comments were about the fact that the slide deck for the architecture lecture was not complete before the lecture. Point taken, I should have communicated this better. Otherwise I hope you appreciated the idea of discussing problems in small groups and then see a possible solution instead of just being served slide after slide. I don't think the discussions would have been so createive if you have seen the solution in front of you. We can continue this discussion in the forum on Teams.


General positive statements about lectures and course design (12)

Course OK (2)

Good with exercises

Things you wished for: (direct comments in italics)

More text on the slides (2)

- It's a delicate balance between visually useful slides and slides for studying. My idea is that the slides are a compromise. The lecture shall be good , and at the same time be a basis for further reading, but not replace the reading.

Same hours for project meetings on Thursday

- We have tried that and the supervisors felt that sometimes their energy level was not on top for the last group of the day. It was probably good enough, but we want to give each group as much as we can given the resources we have.

Hard to know what is needed for the exam

Lacks technical knowledge to understand slides

Lena spoke a bit fast, maybe have 2 RE lectures (2)

Too much content in relation to the credits

More info about the roles

Unclear grading/workload for lecture exercises

Intense start



General positive statements 5

Good with exercises (2)

Course OK

Things you wished for: (direct comments in italics)

OO-rehearsal too similar to earlier course

- I guessed that, but no one gives any feed-back on this. Next year we will solve some problems instead.

Wish for seminars (2)

- This comes every year, but I don't have the resources needed. I'll forward to the director of studies, you bring it up with your student representatives in the education board.

More student interaction in lectures

Hard to know what is most important

Too abstract contents

Wish for recorded lecturer

General comments

The lectures seem to work fairly well, but of course I will bear your comments in mind for the rest of the course. Many comments are about the abundance of information in the lectures, and that it is hard to know what to focus on and an overview. It might be helpful to consult the list of concepts that I have compiled at the bottom of the lecture page. I also provide a word file if you would like to restructure the material yourselves. There are also some old exams that can be useful to consult. So are the lecture exercises, which seem to be appreciated.

From several comments I see that you have noticed the need of further studies and thinking about the stuff brought up at lectures to understand and solve the lecture exercises and reaching the course goals. I know that this initially hard to get used to, and please use the opportunity to use the discussion forum in Lisam. There are many students who ask all sorts of questions and I try to answer as soon as possible, also during weekends if I get a some spare minutes.. It is a good idea to browse the topics and take part of the discussions. You are more than welcome to participate by giving your own views of the problem. Students can often be cleverer to help each other than the teacher.

For the project we notice that you would like more help in the beginning of the project, for example, the roles. Here we would like to emphasize the importance of that you create both the software, the processes, and the organization yourselves. We believe that experience will help you a lot in both future studies and work, even though the burden is high in the beginning.

The labs seem to run well.

Thanks for the comments and good luck with the studies.


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