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TDDD14/TDDD85 Formal Languages and Automata Theory


E-mail Jonas if you get stuck on an exercise, or need additional clarification, outside of class time.

Join the course room in Microsoft teams during the scheduled class time. Follow the instructions specified in each subchannel: use the general channel to ask questions of general interest (these will be visible to all course participants), and use the help channel to inform the teacher that you need private help. For this to work you need to create a subchannel, and include the name of your subchannel in your help message (e.g., @teachers group X needs help with Y). This works best if you then have a video meeting already running in your subchannel.

Tutorial material

#1 Basic Concepts
#2 Finite Automata
#3 Regular Expressions and Minimization of DFA's
Alternative solutions for 3.5, using GNFA construction
#4 Regular Languages
#5 Deadline for homework 1. Potential solutions will be discussed during this session.
#6 Context-Free Grammars
#7 Regular grammars, PDA's, and Properties of CFL's
#8 LR-Grammars
#9 Turing Machines and deadline for homework 2. Potential solutions will be discussed during this sesssion.

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