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TDDD14 Formal Languages and Automata Theory


Tutorials: Olle Torstensson and Jorke de Vlas
Lectures 1-6 and 14-15 by Victor Lagerkvist.
Lectures 7-13 and 16 by August Ernstsson.
Grading of Homework 1 by Damien Van Meerbeeck.
Grading of Homework 2 by Jorke de Vlas.


Victor Lagerkvist

Course leader

August Ernstsson

Course assistant

Olle Torstensson

Course secretary

Hanan Mohsen

Other teachers

Damien Van Meerbeeck
George Osipov
Jonas Wallgren

Director of studies

Jonas Kvarnström

Page responsible: Victor Lagerkvist
Last updated: 2024-03-22