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TDDD14 Formal Languages and Automata Theory

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2023‑03‑22  Welcome

Welcome to the course! The course pages are currently being restructured.

2020‑05‑28  Simplification of regular expressions

A link to a video explaining how regular expressions can be simplified has been added to lecture 5.

2020‑05‑11  Lecture 11 (new version)

An updated version of the notes for lecture 11 has been posted, fixing an error in example 2.

2020‑04‑17  Lecture 8 (redux!)

An updated version of the notes for lecture 8 has now been posted, fixing an error.

2020‑04‑17  Lecture 8

The notes for lecture 8 has been posted.

2020‑04‑07  Lecture 5

The notes for lecture 5 has been posted.

2020‑04‑06  Homework

The first homework has been posted.

2020‑04‑03  Finally!

The notes for lecture 4, along with two complementary videos, have been posted.

2020‑04‑03  A delay

The notes for lecture 4 will be posted later this afternoon.

2020‑04‑01  Notes

The notes for lecture 3 are now available. A reference to a complementary video has been posted, and a link to a common misconception about nondeterminism vs. randomness has been added. This supplementary material is completely optional.

2020‑03‑31  Notes

The notes for lecture 1 and lecture 2 are now available.

2019‑05‑17  Home assignment 2

This is a reminder that the deadline for handing in home assignment 2 is monday 2019-05-20, 10:00. The solutions will be discussed at the lecture on thursday 2019-05-23.

2019‑04‑02  Home assignment 1

Home assignment 1 is now available on the Homework page. The deadline for handing in the solutions is monday 2019-04-29, 17:00.

2018‑05‑04  Cancelled lecture

The lecture today (friday 4th) is cancelled due to illness. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2018‑04‑12  Homework 1

The first set of homework problems is now available on the course page.

2018‑03‑23  Cancelled lecture

The lecture today (friday 23rd) is cancelled due to illness. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2017‑06‑13  Exam 2017-05-29

The results of the exam should be available. Please note that the requirements for all grades were lowered by 2 points, due to an error in one problem.

2017‑05‑09  Assignment 2 is released

Note the deadline for answers, 2017-05-18, 13:00.

2017‑04‑07  Schedule change

The separate tutorials tuesday 2017-05-23, 10-12 for TDDD14 and wednesday 2017-05-24, 13-15 for TDDD85 are both cancelled. They are replaced with a joint tutorial on tuesday 2017-05-23, 15-17 in P42.

2017‑04‑07  Assignment 1 is released

Note the deadline for answers, 2017-04-19, 17:00. (There will be no separate session about Myhill-Nerodes theorem for TDDD14, but please try your best anyway, using the book).

2017‑03‑22  The course has started

Note that many lectures will be somewhat different this year, so lecture slides and other material may not be up to date for the moment. Please be patient.

2016‑05‑11  Homework assignment 2

Homework assignment 2 is available here.

2016‑04‑18  Homework assignment 1

Homework assignment 1 is available here.

2016‑04‑12  Homework assignments' schedule

HW1 release: Week 16, Monday April 18th
HW1 hand-in: Week 17, Wednesday April 27th, 23:59:59
HW1 feedback: Week 18, Wednesday May 4th (LE06)

HW2 release: Week 19, Wednesday May 11th
HW2 hand-in: Week 21, Monday May 23rd, 23:59:59
HW2 feedback: Week 21, Friday May 27th (LE09)

Hand-in on paper or via email.
More hand-in details will be given on the assignments.

2016‑04‑05  Webreg is open for both courses.

TDDD14 (https://www.ida.liu.se/webreg3/TDDD14-2016-1/UPG1)
TDDD85 (https://www.ida.liu.se/webreg3/TDDD85-2016-1/UPG2)

2016‑04‑04  The course has started!

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