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TDDD14 Formal Languages and Automata Theory


To complete the course the students are required to solve two sets of home assignments (UPG2) in addition to the take-home exam. You are allowed to discuss homework problems with other students in the course but all students must present individual solutions. Any form of suspected cheating (e.g., copying an existing solution, regardless where that solution has been found) will without exception be reported to the disciplinary board, and may lead to a suspension. The time plan is as follows.
  • Homework 1: the submission opens in Lisam at 2021-04-07, 10:00, and closes at 2021-04-20, 10:00. Solutions will be discussed at tutorial 5.
  • Homework 2: the submission opens in Lisam at 2021-05-05, 10:00, and closes at 2021-05-18, 10:00. Solutions will be discussed at tutorial 9.
  • The deadlines are sharp and we will not be able to make individual exceptions. If you do not submit anything then you will have to redo the homework next year. If you submit two reasonable attempts, but do not pass, then you will have the opportunity to submit a complementary set of exercises (details will be announced later).

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    Last updated: 2021-03-19