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TDDD14 Formal Languages and Automata Theory (6 ECTS)

VT2 2020

Latest News...

2020‑04‑07  Lecture 5

The notes for lecture 5 has been posted.

2020‑04‑06  Homework

The first homework has been posted.

2020‑04‑03  Finally!

The notes for lecture 4, along with two complementary videos, have been posted.

2020‑04‑03  A delay

The notes for lecture 4 will be posted later this afternoon.

2020‑04‑01  Notes

The notes for lecture 3 are now available. A reference to a complementary video has been posted, and a link to a common misconception about nondeterminism vs. randomness has been added. This supplementary material is completely optional.

2020‑03‑31  Notes

The notes for lecture 1 and lecture 2 are now available.

2020‑03‑27  Welcome

Welcome to the course! The course pages are currently being restructured.

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