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Undergraduate Education

ADIT has the responsibility for courses in the areas: computer networks, databases, and security. In addition, we examine and supervise BSC and MSc theses.
In the list below the courses in italics are not given anymore, but there may still be exam occasions.

Computer Networks

  • TDTS06 Computer Networks, 6hp (CS, D, IT, U, Y, BME) - HT1
  • TDTS04 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, 8hp (DI, I, Ii, IP) - VT1
  • TDTS11 Computer Networks and Internet Protocols, 6hp (IT) - VT1
  • TDTS21 Advanced Networking, 6hp (D, IT, U, CS) - VT1+2
  • TDDE48 Mobile Networks, 4hp (IT) - HT1
  • TDDE35 Large-scale Distributed Systems and Networks, 11hp (U) - VT1+2
  • TDDE21 Advanced Project: Secure Distributed and Embedded Systems, 6hp, (CS, D, IT, U) - HT1+2
  • TDDE57 Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Communication Networks, 6hp (CS, D, IT, U) - HT2
  • TDDE58 Wireless Connectivity, 6hp (CS, D, IT, U) - HT1

Databases and data mining

  • 732A57 Database Technology, 6hp (MSL) - HT2
  • TDDD37 Database Technology, 6hp (CS, D, IT, U, BME) - HT2
  • TDDD12 Database Technology, 6hp (DI, I, Ii, IP, M, Mat, Y, Yi) - VT2
  • TDDD81 Database Technology, 6hp (I, Ii) - VT1+2
  • TDDE49 Databases and information security for bioinformatics (TB) - HT1
  • TDDD43 Advanced Data Models and Databases, 6hp (CS, D, IT, U, I, Ii) - HT1+2
  • TDDD41 Data Mining - Clustering and Association Analysis, 6hp (CS, D, IT, U, I, Ii) - VT1
  • 732A75 Advanced Data Mining, 6hp (MSL) - VT1
  • TDDE31 Big Data Analytics, 6hp (D, IT, U, CS) - VT2
  • 732A54 Big Data Analytics, 6hp (MSL) - VT2
  • 753A01 Sports Analytics, 6hp (MSL)- VT2
  • 753A02 Sports Analytics, 6hp (fristående kurs)- VT2
  • TDDE64 Sports Analytics, 6hp (D, IT, U, CS)- VT2


  • TDDC90 Software Security, 6hp (CS, D, DAV, IT, U, I, Ii) - HT2
  • (replaced by TDDE62/TDDE63 in 2024): TDDD17 Information Security, Second course, 6hp (CS, D, I, Ii, IT, U) - VT1+2
  • TDDE53 Secure Systems: Project Semester including Bachelor Thesis Project, 26hp (IT) - VT1+2
  • TDDE62 Information Security: privacy, system and network security, 6hp (CS, D, I, Ii, IT, U) - VT1+2 (from 2024)
  • TDDE63 Advanced Project Course: Information Security, 6hp - HT1+2 (from 2024)

Examination of BSc and MSc theses

Contact: Patrick Lambrix (studierektor)

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Last updated: 2023-10-23