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TDDI09 System installation (8 ECTS)


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Labs (part 1): September 21 2015
Labs (DNS): October 16 1015
Labs (project): November 23 2015 (preliminary)
Demo (project): December 19 2015 (preliminary)

To stay on schedule you must have finished the DNS lab no later than the end of HT1. Ideally you should have finished NIS as well. Keep in mind that HT2 is much shorter, and the final lab (e-mail) is one of the most difficult.

Hand in your first set of lab reports and automated tests after you finish the DNS lab. Hand in the remaining lab reports and automated tests after you finish the rest of the labs.


Deadlines are strict. All work must be handed in by the project deadline. We will take demonstrations until the date specified above, but only if you've handed in the written work by the deadline.

Deadline extensions are generally granted only if you have a very good cause. If you need an extension, e-mail David Byers well ahead of time.

Mail to David Byers. If you want to send me e-mail, you must include the course code (TDDI09) at the beginning of the subject line. Otherwise there is a good chance that I'll miss your message.

Lab signups

You must sign up for the labs in groups of two. If you want to work alone, this might be possible; talk to David Byers about it. You may not work in groups of three or more.

Make sure that you are registered for the course.

Sign up for the labs!


Course leader: David Byers <david.byers@liu.se>
Assisstant: Anders Fröberg <anders.froberg@liu.se>
Assisstant: Jon Dybeck <jon.dybeck@liu.se>
Course secretary: Madeleine Häger Dahlqvist <madeleine.hager.dahlqvist@liu.se>

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Last updated: 2015-08-13