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TDDE35 Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Networks (11 ECTS)


Spring 2023:

We are now fully back to in-person lectures (with Zoom only as backup).

Spring 2022:

Lectures vt1: Due to current state of the pandemic, at least during vt1, this course will be using zoom. Zoom link provided per email.

TEN1 exam March 2022: This will be a regular in-person exam (Swedish: "salstenta")

Lectures vt2: Not yet decided (but may be a mix).

October 2021 exam:

The October exam (TEN2) will have the same format as the June/August 2021 exams.

August 2021 exams:

The August exams (TEN1 and TEN2) will have the same format as the June 2021 exams.

Spring 2021 (vt1 + vt2):

The course will be given in distance mode. Zoom links will be provided per email. The March (TEN1) and June (TEN2+TEN1) exams will be in distance mode, using similar format as recent exams (e.g., see example cover page here)

October 2020 exams:

The October exams (TEN1 and TEN2) will have the same format as the June 2020 exams.

August 2020 exams:

The August exams (TEN1 and TEN2) will have the same format as the June 2020 exams.

June 2020 exams:

For information about this year's June exams, please see the last four slides discuss during the last lecture: 2020. Preliminary rules for TEN2 exam on June 4, 2020, can be found here. Preliminary rules for TEN1 exam on June 10, 2020, can be found here.

Updated 2020-03-27:

During vt2, all lectures, labs, and projects will be done online (mostly via use of zoom). The website has been updated to reflect this and emails will be sent out with links to specific zoom sessions.

Updated 2020-03-20:

NOTE: There will be NO exam on 2020-03-23.

As you may have read, the university has released the directive to cancel all sit-in exams and to turn these exams into some form of distance examinations as far as possible. Given this directive, we have been considering different possible options, but we came to the conclusion that it is *not* possible to turn the above listed exam into some reasonable form of distance examination given the limited time frame, legal requirements, and all other things that must be prepared for the upcoming change to move all education online. Therefore, the decision is to cancel the above exam. 8

The plan is that the exam will be in June; most likely at or around the date of the already scheduled retake exam. Further details will be provided later and the course web page will be updated.

This is one of the measures according to: Coronavirus - measures taken by LiU.

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