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Communications for Networked Intelligent Systems Group

We conduct research on communication networks, such as semantics-aware goal-oriented communications, timeliness of information, tactile internet, Industrial IoT, wireless energy harvesting networks, performance analysis and stochastic modeling, and physical layer security. An important research direction is how to utilize the traffic properties and characteristics to increase the performance of wireless networks by reducing the amount of information that is generated, transmitted, and processed in a network. Typical examples include content caching and timing properties and requirements of traffic, which are crucial aspects towards 6G communications.

Keywords: Semantics-aware goal-oriented communications, Age of Information, Network-Level Cooperative Networks, Wireless Energy Harvesting Networks, Performance analysis and Stochastic modeling, Tactile Internet

Our research is sponsored by the Swedish Research Council, ELLIIT, Zenith, and CUGS.


Associate Professor Nikolaos Pappas
E-mail: nikolaos.pappas@liu.se
Phone: +46 11 363034
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Nikolaos Pappas
Linköping University
SE-58183 Linköping

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