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Theory Lectures and Seminars

The lectures are divided into five different knowledge areas presented in the course:
  • Requirements (week 36)
  • Planning and Processes (week 37)
  • Design and Architecture (week 38)
  • Testing and Software Configuration Management (week 39)
  • Software Quality (week 40)

In each area, about three 45 minutes lectures are given to introduce fundamental concepts within the knowledge area. After the lectures in each area, the students can optionally solve an exercise relating to the area. Instructions and deadlines can be found on the exercise page. Then at the next week's lecture the first part (about 30 min) will consist of a large seminar where the solutions of the exercises will be discussed and further examples within the subject will be given. Then, the second part of the lecture will introduce a new subject for the next block etc.

The lectures summarize the most important aspects of software engineering principles. However, these lectures do not cover the whole course, so the student is expected to read the course literature throughly during the course. Conversely, there are also areas presented at the lectures that are not described in the course book or additional material.

Full sets of slides will be published on this page directly after that a lecture is given. Before a lecture preliminary slides can be published lacking some solutions.

Guest Lectures

In addition to the lectures mentioned above, a number of guest lectures will be given by senior consultants and managers from the industry. These lectures will give a great opportunity to get an insight of problems from the real world. These lectures will be announced later during the course.

Project Lectures

Lectures, seminars and meetings for the project part of TDDC88 are not listed below. To see the project schedule, go to the Project and Schedule page.

Lecture Plan

Week Day Date Time Room Subject and Slides
Knowledge area for week 36: Requirements
36 Mon 02 Sep 13-15 C4 Course Introduction and Overview
Lecture: Software Engineering roles
36 Tue 03 Sep 10-12
Lecture: Requirements
Knowledge area for week 37: Planning and Processes
37 Tue 10 Sep 10-12 C4 Seminar: Requirements
Lecture: Project Planning
37 Wed 11Sep 08-10 C4 Lecture: Life-cycle models, Agile methods
Knowledge area for week 38: Design and Architecture
38 Tue 17 Sep 10-12 C4
Seminar: Planning and processes
Lecture: Design and Architecture
Muddy-card evaluation
38 Wed 18 Sep 08-10 C4 Lecture: UML,
Introduction to design patterns
38 Fri 20 Sep 15-17 C4 Unused reserve time, cancelled
Knowledge area for week 39: Testing and SCM
39 Tue 24 Sep 10-11.30 C4 Seminar: Design and Architecture
Lecture: Testing I
39 Wed 25 Sep 08-10 C4
Lecture: Testing II
Lecture: SCM
39 Fri 27 Sep 15-16
C4 Guest Lecture: Martin Källström, CEO of Memoto
Guest Lecture: Greger Wikstrand, Cap Gemini, Malmö: Large-scale configuration management.
Knowledge area for week 40: Software Quality
40 Tue 01 Oct 10-12 C4 Seminar: Testing and SCM
Lecture: Software Metrics
40 Wed 02 Oct 08-10 C4

Lecture: Software Reviews
Lecture: Software Quality Management

40 Fri 04 Oct 15-17 C4 Unused reserve time, cancelled
Course Finish
41 Tue 08 Oct 10-12 C4 Seminar: Software Quality
Course Summary
41 Wed 09 Oct 08-09 C4 Guest lecture: Dulce Goncalves: How agile methodologies effects organisations and carrier.
41 Fri 11 Oct 15-17 C4 Unused reserve time, cancelled
42 Tue 15 Oct 10-12 C4 Old exam


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