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Project Introduction 2015

The first project meeting will take place 2015-09-01 at 10.15 in C1, house C. At this first meeting you will get information about what company you belong to (by lottery) and more detailed information about what the project is all about. The customer and supervisors will present themselves and there will be time for questions. This is the official start of the project and from this moment it is your task to deliver the right product, with the good quality, within budget at the right time!

Note that this meeting is compulsory. If you do not attend or do not send an email before the meeting explaining why you cannot attend, we cannot guarantee that you can be part of the project part of the course.

Company Meetings

At the company meetings all employees in the company meets. The meetings take approximately one hour and the agenda is defined by the department managers. Depending on where in the project we are, different issues will be discussed. Typically plans for iterations, review of iteration (status of what has been produced in the iteration) and reflection (what went well/what went bad) is discussed. Note that these meetings are compulsory.

Status Reports

The day before a meeting, short status reports should be sent via email to the CEO, the consulting supervisors, the examiner, and to the employees of the company. One report should be sent in from each company. These reports should be fairly short and contain:
  • What has been done since the last meeting?
  • What is planned to be done to the next meeting?
  • Which problems exist? Which risks exist for future problems?
  • Time report - time spent in the project for each employee.

Tollgate Meeting

The contract that was signed between the Customer and our company consisted of two parts. The Customer initially pays for a pre-study, where the project teams should collect requirements, create a realistic time schedule, build necessary prototypes and form an initial design of the product. This year you shall deliver 2-3 mock-up apps for the customer to evaluate. Material for these mock-ups shall be sent to the customer no later than 2015-09-18 at 12:00. This pre-study period ends with a tollgate meeting, where the project teams shall present in a convincing way what the product will look like and that they will be able to develop it in time. After this meeting, the Customer will decide which app he wants to order. Hence, this meeting is very critical for the whole project to be successful! The meetings are held 2015-09-24, 13-17 (Check the schedule for your group). Note that this meeting is compulsory.


The CEO has not specified that one specific software process should be followed. Instead, it is the tasks for the employees in the departments to self organize and discuss how they want to work, e.g. if they want to follow a specific process or not. However, one requirement is that the work shall be iterative, i.e., a working system should be released and tested at specific milestones, so that the reference customer can test the system and give feedback.

Release of version 1.0

In December, the reference customer will decide which system they will buy. At the VSSE'15 - Valla Software and System Expo, which takes place in December, all companies will present their product. Preliminary date 2015-12-10 at 13.15-17.

Timetable, ht1

Link to the on-line schedule with comments annotated to the theory lectures, and project seminars:


Schedule for project activities only (=schedule for TDDD69):


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