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Welcome to the Department of
Computer and Information Science

Celebrating women in computer education programs

The annual national conference for female students in ICT educational programs (Datatjej) was held in Linköping with the participation of 120 girls from 12 universities. The program covered networking events, technical talks and a great party!

Simulations explain your thoughts

Cognition is in many different ways grounded in the sensorimotor systems of cognitive agents. Henrik Svensson’s dissertation shows how it is possible to explain higher level cognitive abilities as simulated actions and perceptions, and also introduces a novel hypothesis of the role of dreams, during early childhood, in the development of simulations.

Saab award to Patrick Doherty

The Åke Svensson research stipend this year goes to Patrick Doherty, professor of Computer Science at Linköping University. Patrick Doherty receives the award for his outstanding contributions to the development of autonomous unmanned aircraft systems.

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