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Computer and Information Science

Enhancing public sector capability to make use of design

Design-driven development work implies a focus on the users need, priorities and conditions. Despite a clash between some aspects of the design mindset and the existing development processes and culture in public sector organizations, the design-driven approach has recently gained interest within the public sector. In her thesis, Lisa Malmberg has explored what design capability implies and how it is developed within public sector organizations.

Analysing adaptive performance to improve safety in complex systems

In her thesis, Amy Rankin examines adaptive performance of people in safety-critical organisation, such as pilots, nurses and crisis managers. The complexity of the work makes it difficult to predict, and plan responses, for all future events. To cope with disturbances and unexpected events thus requires people to adapt, and sometimes improvise, their performance in complex and dynamic environment.

Energy-Efficiency in many-core stream processing

From Social media to scientific research, from mobile multimedia to Internet of things, there is an overwhelming need to process more data faster, while targetting energy sobriety. In his thesis, Nicolas Melot explores the Crown Scheduling technique and designs the Drake programming framework in order to build energy-efficient stream programs for many-core processors.

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