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Welcome to the Department of
Computer and Information Science

Honoring ceremony for the Head of the Department

IDA's departing head of the department, Professor Mariam Kamkar, was honored at a ceremony held during the institution's Christmas dinner. Mariam took office in 2000, and by the end of 2017/2018 she will have been prefect for 18 years, more than half the time that IDA has existed. In 2008, she was the inaugural recipient of the University Leadership Prize.

New Wilkes Stipendium awarded

The winner of the 2017 Wilkes Stipendium, a prize that is given to a female student in one of our computer science and engineering related programs every year, is Anna Montelius who studies in the second year of the Software Technology degree program. She will be given the opportunity to travel to a scientific conference with a staff member during 2018.

Detecting Unsolvable Planning Instances

Automated planning is a branch of artificial intelligence which deals with the construction of plans. In his PhD thesis, Simon Ståhlberg studies planning problems that have no solutions and presents several methods for detecting such planning problems.

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