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Computer and Information Science

2016 Wilkes Stipendium award

The fourth awarding of the Wilkes stipendium, a prize given to a female computer science/engineering or IT student that has a distinguishing record, has taken place with Sabina Serra as the award winner. Sabina studies Computer Science and Engineering. The 2016 prize was awarded in the IDA Autumn lunch meeting.

Remembering to do things

All people in their everyday lives use strategies to remember to do things. Mattias Forsblad examines in his PhD thesis the practices and characteristics of the physical home and nearby environment that helps, but sometimes also hinder the ability to remember to do things in everyday life.

Wilkes stipendium winners travel blog

You can now follow Hanna Sterneling's visit to the Grace Hopper Conference 2016 in Texas, together with Inger Erlander Klein, in the travel blog of IDA top girls. Hanna got awarded with the Wilkes stipendium in 2015 to attend this conference.

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