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Computer and Information Science

Detecting Unsolvable Planning Instances

Automated planning is a branch of artificial intelligence which deals with the construction of plans. In his PhD thesis, Simon Ståhlberg studies planning problems that have no solutions and presents several methods for detecting such planning problems.

Content Ontology Design Patterns

Ontologies are formal knowledge models that describe concepts and relationships and enable data integration, information search, and reasoning. Karl Hammar's PhD thesis addresses Ontology Design Patterns for the Semantic Web, their quality, the tools used to deploy them, and pattern usage methodology development.

Completion of Ontologies and Ontology Networks

The Web contains large amounts of data, often with no explicit structure. A step towards a more structured Web is the Semantic Web, which associates meaning with the data on the Web. In his thesis, Zlatan Dragisic has dealt with the problem of completing ontologies, data models used on the Semantic Web, which enable automated agents to understand and use data on the Web.

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