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Computer and Information Science

New algebraic methods to study the complexity of constraint satisfaction problems

In his PhD thesis on IDA, Victor Lagerkvist proposes an algebraic framework based on partial functions, in order to study the complexity of different types of constraint satisfaction problems.

Model-based security in Embedded Systems

With an increasing presence of embedded devices in different applications and their connection to the Internet, there is a need to focus on security in networked embedded systems within societal critical functions. In her PhD thesis, Maria Vasilevskaya proposes the SEED process, and supporting concepts, methods and prototypes, to bridge the design gap between systems engineers and security experts.

Celebrating Ada Lovelace 200 years

A celebration of 200 years from Ada Augusta Lovelace's birthday took place with a lively program and presentation of a large wallpaper image on a central wall near the conference room Visionen. This places the role of the first programmer and woman role model on today's agenda.

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