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Computer and Information Science

Best thesis award for 2015

The best thesis prize for Bachelor and Master theses presented during 2015 was awarded for the 17th time with a sponsorship of the Swedish Computer Society. This year’s Promotor, Inger Erlander Klein, named Alexander Alesand for the master level prize, and Viktor and Mathias Almquist for the Bachelor level prize. She also praised all the nominated students for well-deserved nominations.

Assessing shared strategic understanding

In the event of a crisis or during military operations decision makers work together as a team. It is assumed that a team with a shared understanding of the common goals are better at doing its job. In his PhD thesis "Assessing shared strategic understanding" Peter Berggren developed an instrument to measure the shared understanding of the team.

Recent advancements within chain graphs

Probabilistic graphical models are currently one of the most commonly used architectures for modelling and reasoning with uncertainty. They are used in a wide range applications ranging from error diagnostics in printers to decision support systems in market analysis. In his thesis, Dag Sonntag discusses the semantics of one such class of models called chain graphs and present recent advancements made in the research field.

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