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TDDC88 / TDDC93 - Software Engineering (Ht1-Ht2 2016)

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2016‑09‑22  Guest lecture from Accenture

Don't miss the guest lecture by Peter Arvidsson Friday 2016-09-23 at 15:15-16:00 in C1. Peter has a master from LiU in IT and management and has a very broad experience as consultant, project leader, and management.

2016‑09‑22  Labs today (TDDC88 and 725G64)

Due to planned vacation and illness, there will only be two assistants for tonight's labs. So there might be queue for presenting results of labs.

2016‑09‑20  Lectures week 38

We start with a lecture on software testing Tuesday 2016-09-20 10-12
Wednesday 2016-09-21 a lot of things will happen: 8:15-9:00 Lena will introduce you to version handling and continuous integration. 9:15 there is a guest lecture by Ulrik Pettersson from SAAB about large-scale integration. The students from TDDD04 will join us for that hour.
Even more things will come: at Friday 2016-09-23 at 15:15-16:00 we will have a guest lecture from Accenture. Peter Arvidsson will tell us about testing fundamentals.

2016‑09‑19  Labs today (TDDC88 and 725G64)

Due to planned vacation and illness, there will only be two assistants for tonight's labs. So there might be queue for presenting results of labs.

2016‑09‑12  Lectures week 37

We have a lecture on Software Architecture Tuesday 2016-09-13 10-12. During the break we will run a muddycard evaluation.
Wednesday 2016-09-14 we will talk about UML and Object-oriented models 8-9. If you are well familiar with object-oriented programming you might skip this hour.
Wednesday 2016-09-14 9-10 we will study behavior models in UML. This is intended for all participants.
The lecture Friday 2016-09-16 15-17 is cancelled; it was prebooked since we gave guest lecturers several options.

2016‑09‑08  Guest lecture

There will be a guest lecture by Peter Arvidsson from Accenture 2016-09-23 at 15:15-16:00.

2016‑09‑06  Retake exam 2016-08-25

The exam will be shown at 2016-09-12 at 12:00-13:00 in conference room Donald Knuth.

2016‑09‑04  Lectures week 36

The requirements engineering area will be covered by Lena Buffoni on Tuesday 2016-09-06 10:15-12:00 and Wednesday 2016-09-07 9:15-10:00.
During the first hour on Wednesday 2016-09-07 8:15-9:00 Kristian Sandahl will give a lecture on project management. Many of the students had an introduction of this earlier and can skip this lecture if they want to.

There are three parts of the course package:

parts and codes

The theory part is a 4 hp course with lectures and a written exam. There are five optional lecture exercises that can give extra credits on the written exam. Included for course codes TDDC88, TDDC93, and 725G64.

The laboratory work is 2 hp and will support the theory with practical examples of software engineering tools and important software solutions. 24 hours are scheduled in the laboratory and you get examined by showing the work to the assistant. Included for course codes TDDC88 and 725G64.

The project is performed in groups of about 30 students each, during the entire semester. Each such group is called a company and there will probably be 4 companies in 2016 making software for a customer. All groups make the same type of software for the same customer. The goal of the project is that students will get experience from software engineering challenges, that can be useful in the "real world" after graduation. The grade for this 6 hp part is calculated both on the performance of the company and the individual.

NOTE! This course requires active participation in the project work including presence in meetings. In our present block schedule, most of these meetings occur on Thursdays after lunch each week for the first study period Ht1. The time and format will be different in Ht2. To be able to be part of this course we have a hard registration deadline: September 9. You must be both registered on the course AND member of one of the project teams at that date. If not, you will not be able to participate in course in 2016.

TDDC88/725G64 - Software Engineering, 12 hp (I, Ii, MT, CS, ACG, SVP)

TDDC88 consists of all parts: Theory, lab, and project.

Students from SVP use the code 725G64 in their curriculum, but the course work is identical to TDDC88.

TDDC93 - Software Engineering Theory, 4 hp. (For C, D, IT, U)

The course TDDC93 covers only the theory part, i.e. TDDC93 does not contain any project work or laboratory exercises.

TDDD69 - Software Engineering - Company Project, 6hp (For D, IT, U)

The course TDDD69 is for students studying the double-degree program International Software Engineering. The course consists only of the project part.

Examiner for all courses is Kristian Sandahl.

Welcome to the course!

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