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Research and Development in Computing Education

Developing education is an essential part of the work of all teachers. Many innovative approaches, for example, in introductory programming education have been demonstrated by good teachers. However, in too many cases such novel ideas, tools or support materials are poorly disseminated among other teachers even in the same institute. The reason may the lack of evidence. Can we demonstrate actual progress in terms of better learning results, motivation or use of resources in our courses? This talk will discuss the relation of developing education and researching education. What can we gain from research when developing our courses?

Lauri Malmi is a professor of Computer Science at the Helsinki University of Technology. His field is computing education research, where he has been working on automatic assessment of programming and algorithmic exercises, interactive visual methods in learning algorithms, and problem-based learning in introductory programming courses.

Sidansvarig: Eva Pelayo Danils
Senast uppdaterad: 2006-02-28