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Computing Education Research

Date: Monday December 19, 2005

Dr. Anders Berglund, Department of Computer Systems, Uppsala University

Abstract: As a computer scientist and an engineer, my road to become a researcher in computing education and engineering education has been long and winding. In this talk I will illustrate this journey with results from my work concerning students' understanding of a networking concept, the protocol TCP, the students' experience of being graded and the how the students' organised the group work. The talk will have multiple foci: The outcome of the research project; how I have performed my research, using a research approach (or research framework) called phenomenography; and why I have selected to work in this particular way, will be discussed.

Speaker's Profile: Anders Berglund is a lecturer at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. His main research interest is how students understand and learn computer science. He recently presented his PhD thesis "Learning computer systems in a distributed project course: The what, why, how and where".

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