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TDDD89 Scientific Method



There is a video tutorial on how to use Gitlab in the course, and for those of you who are not familiar with the distributed version control system Git, there are many resources available.

Also, there is an example project that you may take as inspiration and copy the structure from.

Writing a report

Reading papers


  • The reference manager Mendeley, for references in Word and LaTeX
  • JabRef - Java-based BibTeX reference manager
  • Reference management tools for LaTeX, inkluding a list of reference managers (Mendeley may also be used).
  • Linköping University provides a special search engine for scientific publications: UniSearch. You will have to be on the LiU network or else logged in with your LiU id to use it.
  • Google Scholar is a good search engine for papers pertaining to Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Plagiarism and copyright

Awards to apply for

  • Wimanska priset
  • There is also a list of awards to apply for at the Computer Science department IDA

Literature section

Guidelines and surveys

Theme-specific papers

Student theses

  1. Case study, development processes: "The impact of agile principles and practices on large-scale software development projects: A multiple-case study of two software development projects at Ericsson." by Lina Lagerberg and Tor Skude, Linköpings universitet 2013.
  2. FPGA development: "SEU Mitigation Techniques for Advanced Reprogrammable FPGA in Space" by Fredrik Brosser and Emil Milh, Chalmers 2014
  3. Case study, software testing: "Reducing Regression Testing Feedback Cycle Times Through Improved Testing Techniques" by Viktor Lövgren, Linköpings universitet, 2014.
  4. Usability + performance study, mobile application: "An Approach towards user-centric application mobility" by Andreas Åhlund, Umeå universitet 2009
  5. Usability study, iterative development: "SIGHTLENCE - Haptics for Computer Games" by Mathias Nordvall, Linköpings universitet, 2012
  6. Theoretical computer science, algorithm construction: "Upper Bounds on the Time Complexity of Temporal CSPs" by Peter Stockman, Linköpings universitet 2016
  7. Experimentation, Machine Learning: "Organ detection and localization in Radiological Image Volumes" by Tova Linder and Ola Jigin, Linköpings universitet 2017
  8. Security evaluation: "Certificate Transparency in Theory and Practice" by Josef Gustafsson, Linköpings universitet 2016

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