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TDDD89 Scientific Method (6 ECTS)

HT2 2021

Latest News...

2022‑2‑9  All UPG1 results reported

UPG1 results have now also been reported for Group D.
For all who did not submit or failed in the first attempt: The next submission opportunity for UPG1 opens already next week (15/2) and the deadline is 18 March 2022.

2022‑2‑2  UPG1 results for Groups A-C, E-F reported

UPG1 results for Groups A-C, E-F (apart from few pending complementations) have been reported to Ladok.
Reviewing of Group D reports is unfortunately delayed and is now expected to be ready in early week 6. Please contact the seminar leader in case of questions.

2021‑12‑22  UPG2 results for Groups A-E reported

UPG2 results for Groups A-E have been reported to Ladok today. For Group F reporting will be done later, please contact the seminar leader in case of questions.

2021‑12‑16  UPG1 submission opens 17/12

The Lisam submission link for UPG1 will open on 17 December.

2021‑12‑08  Feedback on ETP introductions Academic English available

For almost all submitted ETP introductions, feedback by our Academic English experts (Shelley and Brittany) has been sent via Lisam today. Due to high workload, late submissions could not be reviewed, and any duplicate submissions in Lisam have not been considered.
The grades are only informative and map to colors of the Grading Rubric (1=red, 2=orange, 3=yellow, 4=green). There is no (need for) resubmission for Academic English - the next step will be UPG1 submission in January.
Please read the feedback and, if anything should still be unclear, prepare specific questions. In the comments in Lisam you can see who reviewed your paper, Shelley or Brittany. In the final lecture on Friday 10/12 15:15, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions to Shelley and Brittany.

2021‑11‑24  Feedback on ETP introductions available

For almost all seminar groups, feedback by the seminar leaders about the ETP introductions (with focus on research questions) is now available on Lisam, folder Feedback_Seminar/(group). This will be discussed in the feedback seminar on Thursday 25/11.

2021‑11‑15  NB several deadlines this week

Please note that there are several deadlines this week:

  • Submission of preparatory material for Seminar 2 (in your group's Seminar2/(groupname)/ folder in the Lisam cooperative area) by Tuesday 16/11;
  • Read the other 2 or 3 extended thesis plan introductions of your topic group and prepare your answer to Questions C+D before Seminar 2
  • Directly after Seminar 2, submit a revised version of your extended thesis plan introduction:
    (a) to Shelley (via Lisam submission link),
    (b) to your seminar leader (via the forthcoming Feedback_Seminar/(groupname)/ folder in the Lisam cooperative area),
    by Friday 19/11.

2021‑11‑15  Material on Academic English Writing

The slides from Shelley Torgnyssons guest lecture today and additional material (e.g., on useful linking words and on punctuation, for self-studies) can now be found on Lisam in the cooperative area under "Nonpublic_material".
Our apologies for the bad sound quality during part of the first 40 minutes; fortunately we succeeded in fixing it during the lecture break. If you have any questions to Shelley regarding the first half of the lecture, please contact her directly by email.

2020‑11‑07  Seminar topic groups ready. Seminar 1 preparation deadline approaching (10/11)

After evaluation of all submitted thesis topic outlines, we have defined 24 topic groups (A1, A2, ..., F4), which together form the seminar groups A,...,F in TimeEdit.
You can find your group's topic area (numbering 1-6 as defined in the list of topics) and your seminar group in the file seminargroups_2021_by_first_LiU_ID.pdf in the LISAM collaborative workspace (requires LIU login).
You can find the other teams in your seminar group in the file seminargroups_2021_by_seminar_group.pdf. The topic outlines on Lisam are linked from the PDF file.
We will now enter you accordingly in webreg in the next days.
In the LISAM cooperative area we have set up a folder structure for Seminar1/group, with group in {A1,A2,...,F4}, where you can put your preparation document(s) for the Seminar 1, deadline on Wednesday 10 nov 2021.
Note that the seminars (the first one on thursday 11/11 08:15) use different zoom links for the different groups, see Lisam. Please use the zoom link for your seminar group (leader) as can be found in Lisam folder ZoomLinks (LiU login required).

2021‑09‑28  Course HT2021 given entirely on distance / web pages to be updated for HT2/2021

The course will be given entirely on distance also in HT2/2021, i.e., the lectures and the six mandatory group seminars will be given via zoom. Lectures are given live and will not be recorded.
The course web pages will be updated for the coming instance of TDDD89 HT2/2021 about a week before course start.
By and large, the 2021 course will follow the same structure as 2020.
All course information and instructions will be given here on the course web page. We use Lisam only for group cooperation in the seminars and for submission, and for non-public documents (e.g., zoom session links).

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