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TDDD89 Scientific Method (6 ECTS)

HT2 2022

Latest News...

2023‑01‑26  Notifications for UPG1 ETPs expected by end of this week

The group leaders expect to send feedback (via Lisam) about the reviewed UPG1 submissions of 11/1 by end of this week and report the results (via webreg). Note that this is done separately for the different groups.

2022‑12‑20  First bunch of UPG2 results reported

The first bunch of UPG2 results has been reported to Ladok today. There are only a few pending complementations of seminar work, these will be reported in January after approval by the seminar leader.

2022‑12‑08  AE feedback on introductions available

The Academic English feedback for all introductions that were submitted on time (18/11) is now available on Lisam.
Explanations will be given in tomorrow's lecture (9 december 15:15 on zoom).
Lisam's numerical grades map to grading-rubric colors as follows: 1 = red, 2 = orange, 3 = yellow, 5 = green.
NB No resubmission is required for Academic English feedback (even if red or orange). This grade is for information only - use it for revising your ETP before submitting for UPG1 in January.
If anything should still be unclear: In the final lecture on 9 december, we offer you the opportunity to ask individual questions to Shelley and Brittany who corrected the submitted introductions (see the Lisam/PDF comments who corrected yours).

2022‑11‑17  Group E feedback seminar moved to 25/11 15:15

The feedback seminar for group E (J. Tinnerholm) has been rescheduled from 24/11 to 25/11 15:15 (on zoom, as usual).

2022‑11‑17  NB important deadline on friday 18/11

Please note the upcoming deadline friday 18/11 23:59 for submitting your revised introduction via the first Lisam submission link, which opens 17/11 12:00.
NB this submission is mandatory and a prerequisite for further following the course.
You will receive feedback from two sources: on Academic English on 8/12 from our Academic English experts, and on motivation/aims/research questions from your seminar leader on 23/11.
The latter will be the basis for the feedback seminar on 24/11.

2022‑11‑13  Guest lecture on Academic English 14/11 10:15 on distance (also in C2)

Our guest lecturer Shelley Torgnyson will unfortunately have to give her lecture tomorrow Monday 14/11 10:15 about Academic English on distance instead.
If you prefer to follow the lecture on your own computer: you can find the zoom link on Lisam (requires login).
For those of you who will be on campus anyway: just come to the lecture hall C2 for 10:15 as scheduled, I will be there and display the zoom video stream on the projector.

2022‑11‑09  Seminar 1 agenda on Lisam

The agenda for Seminar 1 has now been published on Lisam, Seminar1 folder. You will find the zoom link for your seminar group on Lisam, too.
I have registered all of you in webreg for UPG2 (seminars).
Please recall the deadline tonight (9/11) for handing in the Seminar 1 preparations in Lisam/Seminar1.
Seminar attendance is mandatory. If you cannot attend a seminar for whatever reason, inform your seminar leader ahead of time and see here for how to compensate.
In case of any technical problems with zoom access during the seminar, please contact your seminar leader directly.

2022‑11‑06  Seminar group division announced

The division of seminar groups is now available in the Lisam cooperative area.
Please check the PDF file seminargroups_TDDD89_2022_by_LiUID.pdf (requires Lisam login) for looking up your topic area and your seminar group (which includes the TimeEdit group for the seminars).
You can find the other teams in your seminar group in the PDF file seminargroups_TDDD89_2022_by_group.pdf (requires Lisam login).

2022‑10‑31  Seminar 3 rescheduled for group B

For group B, Seminar 3 will be rescheduled to Tuesday 29 November 15:15-17:00. Accordingly, the group B deadline for handing in preparation material is moved to Monday 28 November 15:00.

2022‑10‑18  Find a team mate for the seminars

A shared spreadsheet for finding a team mate for the seminars has been set up in the Lisam cooperative area for the course (login required). Information will be given in the first lecture.

2022‑10‑18  Course HT2022 given in hybrid mode / web pages to be updated for HT2/2022

As approved by the Technical Faculty, the mandatory-attendance seminars and two of the lectures will be given entirely on distance (zoom) also in HT2/2022, independent of the pandemic status that we may have in November/December, due to convenient group work on text documents via screen sharing in zoom and due to shortage of rooms that would be suitable for the seminars. Lectures and seminars will be given live and will not be recorded.

We started updating the course web pages for the coming instance of TDDD89 HT2/2022.
By and large, the 2022 course will follow the same structure as 2021.
All course information and instructions will be given here on the course web page. We use Lisam only for group cooperation in the seminars and for submission, and for non-public documents (e.g., zoom session links).

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Last updated: 2022-10-18