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TDDD89 Scientific Method (6 ECTS)

HT2 2020

Latest News...

2021‑01‑28  UPG1 results being reported

A first bunch of passed UPG1 results (Groups A-E) has been reported to Ladok today. Results for group F will follow early next week. Individual feedback is sent by the group leader via Lisam or webreg.

2021‑01‑05  UPG1 Submission Deadline Approaching

The deadline for submitting UPG1 (12/1) is approaching.
All participants who have passed at least 3 of the seminars have been signed up for UPG1 in webreg.

2020‑11‑23  Clarification on Group B seminar deadlines

As a clarification, the deadlines for group B for handing in preparation material for the remaining Seminars 3, 4, 5 in Lisam are always one day later than for the other groups, to account for the group B seminars being scheduled one day later. I.e., these tuesday deadlines are on wednesdays for group B students.

2020‑11‑17  NB several deadlines this week

Please note that there are several deadlines this week:

  • Submission of preparatory material for Seminar 2 (in your group's Seminar2 folder in the Lisam cooperative area) today (Tuesday 17/11)
  • Read the other 2 or 3 extended thesis plan introductions of your topic group and prepare your answer to Questions C+D before Seminar 2
  • Directly after Seminar 2, submit a revised version of your extended thesis plan introduction (a) to Shelley (via Lisam submission link), (b) to your seminar leader (via group folder under Feedback_Seminar in the Lisam cooperative area), by Friday 20/11 (for group B: Monday 23/11).

2020‑11‑16  Material on Academic English Writing

The slides from Shelley's guest lecture today and additional material (e.g., on useful linking words) can now be found on Lisam in the cooperative area under "Nonpublic_lecture_material".

2020‑11‑16  Group B only: feedback-seminar and English-feedback submission deadlines

(This only applies to group B, for the others nothing has changed.) The friday 20/11 deadline for group B (who have their seminar 2 on that friday afternoon) has been moved by one work day to Monday 23/11/2020. Lisam submission will remain open until then. For group B students, submissions made on monday will be marked late (as Lisam uses a single deadline for all participants) but this will be OK.

2020‑11‑09  Seminar topic groups ready. Seminar 1 preparation deadline approaching (10/11)

After evaluation of all submitted thesis topic outlines, we have defined 24 topic groups (1.1, 2.1, ... 6.4) and mapped them to the seminar groups (A1, A2, ..., F4) and thus to the seminar groups A,...,F in TimeEdit. You can find your topic area and seminar group in the file groups-TDDD89-2020 in the LISAM collaborative workspace (requires LIU login). For your topic outline (row), the first digit in the "Topicgroup" column is your topic area number. For example, 4.3 means topic area 4 (Machine learning, image processing; experimentation). The "Group" column gives the mapping of the topic groups to TimeEdit groups (A,...,F) and thereby to the seminar group leaders.
In LISAM we have set up a folder structure for Seminar1/group, with group in {A1,A2,...,F4}, where you can put your preparation document (suitably named: liuid001_liuid002_sem1.pdf) for the first seminar, deadline on Tuesday 10 nov 2020.
See also the general instructions for the seminars.

2020‑11‑06  NoPlagiat now on Lisam

The web-based NoPlagiat minitutorial (useful for Question 7 in Seminar 1) has been replaced by a quiz on Lisam. See the Quiz menu entry on the Lisam page for our course.

2020‑11‑05  Deadline for thesis topic outline 5/11/2020

Recall that the deadline for handing in the thesis topic outline is today 5/11/2020, as explained in the first lecture and on the web pages. See the link for the instructions. Put your one-page document in the folder "Thesisplan_topic_outline_by_5_Nov" in the Lisam cooperative area.
NB this is your registration for the seminar series. If you do not submit a thesis topic outline, we assume that you will not take the course this year.

2020‑10‑29  Course web pages being updated for HT2/2020

The course web pages are being updated for the coming TDDD89 HT2/2020.
In short, the 2020 course will follow the same structure as 2019, with the following major changes:

  • The entire course (including the six mandatory group seminars) will be given on distance this year, due to the Covid-19 situation. Please ignore the room information in the TimeEdit schedule.

  • Following the feedback from last year's course evaluation, the main submission deadlines for seminar contributions are moved from sunday to tuesday each week, and the seminars are accordingly moved to thursday/friday, depending on the group supervisor/topic, see the schedule in Timedit. Seminar groups will be assigned at the beginning of the second week, based on the abstract submissions in the first week.

  • We expect you to do the seminar work and final submission in pairs, but allow as an exception singleton teams for you who already now know your real master thesis project topic and that you will do it alone.
We use Lisam only for group cooperation in the seminars and for submission. All course information and instructions will be given here on the course web page.

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Last updated: 2020-10-29