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TDDD89 Scientific Method


To pass the course, you will need to prepare and participate in all seminars, and submit a thesis plan that comprises 8 pages including a time plan and references.

The date for final submissions is given on the timetable page. Final submissions are made through LISAM and needs to fulfill the requirements given in the Grading Rubric for at least the yellow level on requirements Introduction, Theory, Organization and Language and form. In addition, your time plan needs to adhere to the requirements given in the description of seminar 5. You will need to form "spontaneous groups" when you submit, and include your partner in your group. That way, both will receive information about your submission.
Please note that plagiarism and violations of copyright are prohibited in your theses, and that we as teachers are responsible to report any violations of plagiarism. Read more on definitions of copyright violations and plagiarism on the University Library pages.

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Last updated: 2018-12-17