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TDDD89 Scientific Method (6 ECTS)


The lecture slides and related material used during the lectures will be made available for download after each lecture. Please check regularly this page for the latest update of the course material.

Lecture 01

Introduction to the course and writing a Master's thesis

Date and time

Lecturer Ola Leifler 2017-10-31 13-15
Reading Material

Checklist for degree project at the second cycle (Master's) level, Instructions for final thesis reports. (English, Swedish)

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Lecture 02

Finding and evaluating information

Date and time

Lecturer Ola Leifler 2017-11-07 13-15
Reading Material

Reading material for seminar 1 and 2 (see course description PDF)

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Lecture 03

Writing academic English

Date and time

Lecturer Pamela Vang 2017-11-14 13-15
Reading Material
  • Merkel, M., Andersson U., och Önnegren B. (2011). On writing a report (in Swedish). (pdf.
  • Öberg J. (2015). Instructions for final thesis reports. (English, Swedish).
  • Ramsey, N. "Learning Technical Writing Using The Engineering Method", Tufts University, 2016
  • IEEE Editorial Style Manual, official manual by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, used by engineers in Compouter Science and Electrical Engineering. (pdf).
  • The Academic Phrasebank from Manchester University, UK, may be used to find synonyms and useful phrases in academic writing.
  • Advice on academic writing in English from Academic English Support @ LiU
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    Lecture 04

    Methods in Computer Science, evaluating theses in a context

    Date and time

    Lecturer Ola Leifler 2017-11-21 13-15
    Reading Material Suggested material for specific types of research methods:
    • P. R. Cohen, Empirical Methods in Artificial Intelligence. The MIT Press, 1995.
    • C. Wohlin, P. Runeson, M. Höst, M. C. Ohlsson, B. Regnell, and A. Wesslén, Experimentation in Software Engineering. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012.
    • P. Runeson, M. Höst, A. Rainer, and B. Regnell, Case Study Research in Software Engineering. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2012.
    And on the perils of using opaque models and Big Data:
    • C. O'Neil, Weapons of Math Destruction - How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy. New York, NY, USA: Broadway Books, 2017.
    Slides PDF (1 per page)  

    Lecture 05

    Feedback on academic English

    Date and time

    Lecturer Pamela Vang 2017-11-28 13-15
    Reading Material  
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