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TDDC90 Software Security


Examination items

The examination consists of a written exam (TEN1) and a lab series (UPG1), which are worth 3 ECTS points each.

Information about distance exams

The March retake exam will be carried out as a distance exam via Lisam.

You will register for the exam using the normal procedure. At the start of the exam time, you will be provided with a PDF with questions. Answers to these questions should then be submitted through Lisam before the end of the exam time. Compared to previous sit-in exams, the questions will be modified somewhat to require a bit more writing, in favor of questions where you simply state or define things. This is to make it easier for us to check for plagiarism and cheating.

Answers should be submitted as a single PDF or ASCII text (.txt) document. If you don't have access to a good software for making technical drawings that you are already familiar with, it is recommended to draw figures by hand and scan/photograph them. Figures could either be integrated into the PDF, or submitted as separate files in JPEG or PNG format. If you chose the latter approach, file names should be of the format Figure1, Figure2, and so on. All attached figures should be clearly referred to in the text by their file name. To facilitate easier grading, it is preferred that you express formulas, program code, etc. as text, and not as handwritten figures.

You are allowed to use any aid, but all kinds of collaboration with others is strictly forbidden. Also, copying any part of an answer from another source will be considered plagiarism. The questions will be checked for plagiarism and sharing of answers between students using Urkund, and any suspected cheating will be reported to the university disciplinary board. By taking the exam, you solemnly promise to abide by the above rules.

In the event that you experience technical difficulties with Lisam that prevent you from submitting, it is allowable to submit answers via email. However, this should only be used as a last resort if Lisam for whatever reason would stop functioning.

The home exam will not be anonymous due to the exceptional Covid-19 situation.

Ulf Kargén will be available to answer questions during the exam via email and phone.

Rules for examination of computer lab assignments at IDA

You are expected to do lab assignments in group or individually, as instructed for a course. However, examination is always based on individual performance.

It is not allowed to hand in solutions copied from other students, or from elsewhere, even if you make changes to the solutions. If there is suspicion of such, or any other form of cheating, teachers are obliged to report it to the University Disciplinary Board.

Be prepared to answer questions about details in specific code and its connection to theory. You may also be asked to explain why you have chosen a specific solution. This applies to all group members.

If you foresee problems meeting a deadline, contact your teacher. You can then get some help and maybe the deadline can be set to a later date. It is always better to discuss problems, instead of, e.g., to cheat.

Any kind of academic dishonesty, such as cheating, e.g. plagiarism or use of unauthorized assistance, and failure to comply with university examination rules, may result in the filing of a complaint to the University Disciplinary Board. The potential penalties include suspension, warning.

Policy for handing in computer lab assignments at IDA

For all IDA courses having computer lab assignments there will be one deadline during or at the end of the course. If you fail to make the deadline, you must retake the, possibly new, lab course the next time the course is given.

If a course deviates from this policy, information will be given on the course web pages.

Previous exams

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Older exams
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Last updated: 2022-02-23