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732A66 Decision theory

Work plan and material

Course material (lecture handouts and such, will be successively uploaded)

Preliminary Work plan






Probability, definition and interpretation, likelihood

Winkler: Chapter 2
36-37 Bayesian inference Winkler: Chapter 3-4

Assignment 1 will be distributed

38-42 Decision theory Winkler: Chapter 5

Assignment 2 will be distributed

45-46 Decision theory: The Value of Information, Sequential analysis Winkler: Chapter 6, sections 6.1-6.5

Assignment 3 will be distributed

47-48 The decisive approach to statistical inference Winkler: Chapter 6, sections 6.6-6.10,Chapter 7

Assignment 4 will be distributed

49 Application: Forensic science Supplementary material

50 Sampling from a decision perspective Supplementary material

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