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Ph.D. courses 2006vt


Code  Name Open  
FDA025 Aspects of Scientific Writing    
FDA026 Avhandlingsseminarier    
FDA200 e-government :Det offentliga samhället online – 24-timmarsmyndigheter i teori och praktik    
FDA194 Intelligent User Interfaces    
FDA197 Interaction Programming    
FDA193 Introduction to Sensor Networks    
FDA196 IT och management klassiker    
FDA198 Modern information retrieval    
FDA199 Online communities    


Code  Name Open  
FDA001 Advanced Compiler Construction (6p)   Cancelled    
  Advanced Computer Graphics - SIGGRAPH Snapshot   Cancelled    
FDA006 Artificial Intelligence    
  Automated planning   Cancelled    
FDA195 Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming    
FDA141 Discrete Structures II    
FDA155 Distributed Algorithms For Fault Tolerance   Cancelled    
FDA142 Distributed Systems   Cancelled    
FDA144 Logic II   Cancelled    
FDA174 Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems    
FDA148 Real-Time and Embedded Systems    
FDA149 Software Engineering    

Master's level courses 2006vt

Code  Name School Open
FDA101 Parallel programming CIS  

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