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Ph.D. courses 2005vt


Code  Name Open  
FDA185 Applied aspect-oriented programming    
FDA025 Aspects of Scientific Writing    
FDA026 Avhandlingsseminarier    
FDA179 Cognitive Models of Empowerment    
  Health Informatics   Cancelled    
FDA180 High-level notions of computations and programming language concepts    
FDA087 Information Extraction and Text Mining   Cancelled    
FDA178 Introduction to machine learning and its applications    
FDA164 Kommunikativ samdesign av verksamheter och IT-system    
  Mätning, kontroll och prevention av ekonomisk brottslighet   Cancelled    
FDA181 Praktikteori & Handlingsteori    
FDA182 Service design    
FDA176 Strategi, styrning och konkurrenskraft    
  Utvärderingsteori   Cancelled    


Code  Name Open  
FDA125 Advanced Parallel Programming: Models, Languages, Algorithms   Cancelled    
FDA006 Artificial Intelligence   Cancelled    
FDA141 Discrete Structures II   Cancelled    
FDA142 Distributed Systems    
FDA144 Logic II   Cancelled    
FDA174 Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems with Modelica    
FDA183 Program Analysis    
FDA148 Real-Time and Embedded Systems   Cancelled    
FDA184 Semantics Specification of Types and Programming Languages    


Code  Name Open  
FDA096 Current Topics in HCI (HMI 758)    

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